Steffen Thomas Museum preps new fall exhibit

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By Sidhartha Wakade

staff writer

The Steffen Thomas Museum of Art (STMA) will kick off its fall exhibition on July 1, featuring a look at luminescent paintings and a history of Steffen Thomas’ art.

The July exhibit, titled the Lighter Side of Steffen Thomas, will include works by Steffen Thomas that were painted with luminescent colors only visible via a black light, according to Roland Lewan, the president of the STMA.

“There was a certain period of time where luminescent paint was popular and he included it intentionally, but we discovered that some of his earlier paintings show luminescence,” Lewan said. “It’s going to be a very personal exhibition where people walk around with a black light flashlight and explore and examine the art.” 

Tatiana Veneruso, the curator for the July Exhibit, said the show was one of the more “experimental” exhibits she has been a part of.

“It’s definitely interactive, which I think is really appealing,” she said. “We’re going to have a little selfie station in the back where you can take a black light selfie.”

After the July exhibit, the August through September exhibition, titled Times of Steffen Thomas, will focus on a look at the historical works of art that Steffen Thomas made, according to Lewan. 

“Quite a few historical things were chronicled in the works of art, “ he said. “Everything from the Munich Olympics, to Sputnik, to Watergate, Jimmy Carter… there’s an incredible array of pieces art that… chronicle that history.”

The Fall exhibition will conclude with the Houses of Steffen Thomas exhibit, which is scheduled for October through November, Lewan said.

The last exhibit shows off pictures from Steffen Thomas’s home and studio in Stone Mountain, which includes photos of the home, the studio, floor plans and the artwork, according to Lewan. 

Educational programs will run alongside the exhibits in the fall as well, Lewan said. 

“We’ve always had an outreach effort,” he said. “We’ve expanded it over the years.”

Educational programs for the fall include letting grade schoolers as well as University of Georgia art students to visit the museum for study, according to Lewan. 

The STMA has also expanded its Crossroads program, which lets students at the Morgan County Alternative School take art classes as part of their curriculum. The students now take two art classes per week instead of just one a week.

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