Madison City Council says no to ATV sales

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

The Madison City Council voted down a text amendment that would have allowed the sale of “recreational vehicles,” like ATVs and motorcycles in the Commercial 2 District, which is considered a “buffer zone” comprised of businesses and residential neighborhoods. 

The proposed text amendment was requested by Richard Adamcik of Complete Auto Sales, currently located at 1331 Atlanta Highway in Madison. The company is looking to relocate to 871 North Main Street, the old Dairy Queen lot, which resides within a C2 zone of the city. According to Adamcik, in order for the business to remain profitable at the new location, Complete Auto Sales needs to sell ATVs and dirt bikes in addition to cars, but the current zoning does not allow it. 

But council members worried allowing the sale of recreational vehicles in the C2 District, and particularly at the desired location, would create noise disturbances and a negative visual in one of Madison’s gateway entrances. 

“I don’t want to create an eye sore on that gateway,” said Councilman Joe Diletto. “The addition of four-wheelers really gives me heartburn.”

Councilwoman Carrie Peters Reid worried about test drives in nearby roadways. Councilman Eric Joyce worried about noise and the precedent it would set for the district as a whole.  

Adamcik assured the council that lot would be neat and recreational vehicles would be brought back inside after business hours. He also said the noise would be at a minimum when vehicles would be started up and test drives would be restricted to the parking lot. 

However, the council was not persuaded. 

Joyce read from the city’s zoning ordinance before making the motion to deny the text amendment. 

“This is from the zoning ordinance for commercial districts…’to prohibit uses that are noxious or offensive by reason of the addition or creation of odor, dust, fumes, smoke, gas, noise, vibrations or similar substances or conditions which in the opinion of the city would be detrimental to community interest.”

“You would be an asset and  I would love to see you relocate here, but C2 is just a little too close to the neighborhoods. Zoning area C3 would be more appropriate,” said Joyce. 

Council members Diletto, Joyce and Rick Blanton voted to deny the text amendment and Reid abstained from the vote. The council told Adamcik he could come back to apply for a conditional use that could possibly be approved, but that they did want to set a precedent for the entire district. 

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