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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On July 1 a dispute complaint was filed at a Perryman Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that two washing machine delivery and installation men came to her residence to deliver a washing machine. The woman alleged that both men were rude, cursed frequently and were argumentative with each other. The woman said the men threw rocks at each other and when they had problems getting the machine through her front door they became more agitated. 

On June 30 a lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at the Buckhead Manor subdivision. According to reports, a woman said she visited five different yard sales in the subdivision during the day and had lost her wallet. The complainant said she had a new car fob, $18, a driver’s license and other items in the wallet. She said she retraced her visits to the yard sales but had no luck locating the wallet.

On June 29 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at an Athens Highway residence. According to reports, a man said in May he had two windows broken on his barn and assumed a bird had crashed into the window. However, he said on June 20 he noticed axe marks on a 2×4 holding his barn doors closed. The man said he also found his axe outside the barn on the ground and says he always keeps it on a work bench.

On June 29 a missing person complaint was filed at a Hesterown Road residence. A man told an officer that he had last seen his 22-year-old daughter on June 22 when she left the residence with a man known to the family. The complainant said he contacted the woman’s employer and they said she had missed several shifts. The man told the father that he had not seen the woman since he dropped him off on Youth Jersey Road. The man said the woman told him she wanted to stay at the river. The man gave the deputy the woman’s cell phone number but he called several times and did not receive an answer.

On June 28 a domestic disturbance complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road, Bishop residence. According to reports, a man told a deputy he had just been released from jail and when he came home he was told by his wife to leave the residence. The man said he did not want to leave and was not willing to leave. The woman told the deputy she would take her children and spend the night at a relative’s residence until she had time to consult with an attorney.

On June 28 a burglary complaint was filed at a Eatonton Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she was at the residence attending to her deceased father’s property. The complainant said a Husqvarna Zero Turn lawn mower valued at $2,700 was missing.

On June 26 Kimberly Dawn Bartlett, 53, Madison was arrested and charged with DUI, possession of methamphetamine and failure to maintain lane. According to reports, a deputy executed a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Barlett on the Interstate, after, he said, the vehicle drifted onto the right shoulder of the interstate. Consequent to the traffic stop, reports state, the deputy allegedly located a small container of suspected methamphetamine in a compartment in Bartlett’s purse.

On June 27 a theft by taking complaint was filed at the intersection of Price Mill Road and Rehoboth Road, Bishop. According to reports, a man said his car ran hot and he stopped and walked home to get water. The man said when returned he noticed the passenger door on his vehicle was unlocked and some papers on the passenger seat were missing, including a $550 money order. The complainant said he called Money Gram to see if he could cancel the money order. The man said the money order was taken on June 17 and on June 18 he received a call from Money Gram advising him that the money order had been cashed in Tennessee.

On June 27 a suicide attempt report was filed at Centennial Baptist Church, Brownwood Road. According to reports, a deputy patrolling the area said he noticed a vehicle parked in the parking lot at 1:43 p.m. The deputy said he approached the vehicle and observed a hose running from the exhaust pipe to a closed trunk. He also observed a person under a blanket in the back seat. The deputy said he removed the hose and peered in the vehicle to see if he noticed any weapons. Once backup arrived, the deputy opened the door and confronted a woman who began crying hysterically, reports state. The deputy stated the woman was “clearly intoxicated” and he found a bottle of MD 20-20 in the vehicle. A suicide note was written on a brown paper bag. The woman was transported to Morgan Medical Center. She told the deputy that she had stopped in Morgan County on a whim and had no connection to the location. 

On June 25 a theft complaint was filed at a Newborn Road residence. According to reports, a woman said she and her husband had recently bought the residence and when they arrived, they noticed two French front doors had been forced open and a metal baseball bat was propped against the doors. The woman said a wood burning stove valued at $250 and a used refrigerator valued at $475 were missing. The woman said she suspects the son of the house’s former owner and believes the stove and refrigerator are either at the son’s residence in Putnam County or are traveling in the back of the son’s pickup truck.

On June 25 a disorderly conduct and unruly child complaint was filed at a Doster Road, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her 8-year-old son was sent with an aunt to Tractor Supply and during the ride to the store the son allegedly was disrespectful so the aunt did not allow him to go in the store. Reports state that the son then allegedly urinated inside the truck in retaliation. Reports also state that while at the Doster Road residence the son also urinated in the kitchen pantry. 

A deputy said he asked the child why he was acting thus and the child said. “because I want to be boss.” The deputy said he tried to explain the parent-child relationship to the child and the child told him he did not “like that and he felt like he should be able to do as he pleases, when he wants,” reports state. 

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