Bostwick’s Annual Bar-B-Que a huge, delicious success

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

About 900 people showed up to this year’s annual Bostwick Fourth of July Barbecue last week at Riden Grove in Downtown Bostwick. 

“It was a tremendous success. I met people tons of new people and saw people who I have seen my whole life, who have been coming the last 20 or 30 years. It’s quite a reunion” said David Nunn, a lifelong Bostwick resident and one of the event organizers. 

“The weather was great. It was hot, but we had some shade with the overcast and beneath the pecan trees,” said Nunn. Organizers prepared and served Bostwick’s infamous Brunswick Stew. “People always enjoy themselves with a good meal and we got lots of compliments on the food.”

Money from this event will go to benefit the Bostwick Volunteer Fire Department and Wellington Masonic Lodge. 

“The money is split evenly between them. We don’t know the exact number yet,” said Nunn. “But we usually generate between $5,000 to $7,000 for these organizations.”

Nunn stressed that event happens each year because of all the hard work of local volunteers. 

“There is no chairman of this event, and no hierarchy. It is truly a community event,” said Nunn. “There’s a lot of local pride that goes into it.”

Nunn was grateful to all the people who came up out to celebrate Independence Day and support these local organizations. 

“On behalf of the Bostwick Volunteer Fire Department and Wellington Masonic Lodge, I want to say thanks you,” said Nunn. “Both of organizations are made up of people who try to do good for the community.  Any money made for them goes right back to people in need. By coming and participating, people are helping the community. I appreciate everybody coming out and we will see you next year on the fourth.” 

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