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On July 9 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Penor Street residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that a 15-year-old male had come to her house and damaged the front door with a shovel. An officer located the juvenile who alleged that a man at the residence threatened him with a stick and he retaliated with a shovel. The complainant alleged that the juvenile came to her door and was attempting to entice her to come outside and fight.

On July 13 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Ingles, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man was allegedly standing in front of the store yelling at employees to get him something to eat. Reports state that the man had already been issued a criminal trespass notice to stay away from the store. An officer asked the man why he had returned and he allegedly responded “he wanted something to eat.” The man was cited and released.

On June 20 a harassment complaint was filed at a Maxey Lane residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that another woman continues to enter her property and turn on an outside water spigot. The complainant said the suspect is known to the woman’s dog and brings treats to the dog to distract him while turning the water on and leaving.

On July 12 a financial transaction card fraud complaint was filed at an East Avenue residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone continued to call her elderly mother and ask for her Social Security and banking information. The woman said she tried to get the calls to stop but had no success. She also said that a money transfer website had taken $654.99 and $2,800 from her mother’s bank account.

On July 12 Johnny Willis, 37, Madison was arrested and charged with shoplifting. According to reports, a Walmart employee alleged that she observed Willis “skip scan” $37 worth of items at the self checkout area and attempt to leave the store without paying for the items. 

On July 11 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Wellington Street location. According to reports, a man said that when he returned home at 1:30 p.m. he noticed that his white 2000 Ford Windstar van was missing. The man said the van needed a new motor and valued the van at $1,200.

On July 10 a deposit account fraud complaint was filed at Lowe’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said on June 2 someone fraudulently wrote a $520.35 at Lowes and on June 4 someone wrote a fraudulent check from her account for $542.43 at Home Depot in Covington.

On July 9 Amanda Rodriguez, 29, Madison was arrested and charged with simple assault and obstruction of law enforcement officer. Billy Harrell, 33, Madison was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and simple assault. According to reports, an officer responds to a domestic dispute in progress at a Commerce Street residence. The officer noted that when he arrived he observed the window of the front of the residence shattered and glass in the back door broken. There also was trash thrown on the floor and small pieces of furniture had been tossed over. Rodriguez allegedly told police that she and Harrell had argued but he had left. An officer located Harrell allegedly hiding behind an entertainment center in a rear bedroom. He had scratch marks on his neck, chest and back, reports state. He told the officer Rodriguez had poured a beer on his head and then busted out the back window. Rodriguez told the officer that Harrell had hit her in the forehead and then pushed her on the couch.

On July 7 a public indecency/ indecent exposure, sexual battery complaint was filed at Pilot Truck Stop, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that while she was cleaning a shower a Hispanic male, 5’8” wearing a red shirt, white plaid short, flip-flops, a baseball cap and sunglasses entered the shower area and asked “do you want some of this?” She said the man asked her what time she got off and if he should wait for her. The man then allegedly approached her and began kissing her. The complainant said she tried to push him away several times but was unsuccessful. The man then allegedly pulled down his shorts and continued to attack the woman before she escaped. She reported to her supervisor and 911 was called. Officers obtained video surveillance of the man entering the store, entering the shower area and then leaving out the back door walking south.

On July 8 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Huddle House, Eatonton Road. According to reports, officers were called to the restaurant after a former employee was engaged in an argument with management regarding delivery of her final paycheck. Reports state that the employee had been originally hired as a cook but had been assigned as manager through attrition. Part of the employee’s job as manager, reports state, was to make a daily deposit. The deposit she made on June 19 was allegedly  $80 short and the following day no deposit was made although store records showed that a $471.16 deposit should have been made. Reports state that the employee was confronted regarding the disparity in accounts and made an agreement to repay the money from her paycheck until the matter was financially resolved. On June 24 the employee resigned. She told officers that she did not have access to the deposit on June 20 and the missing $80 was because of a “payout” that was conducted.

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