Medical Center gets huge donation

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor

Morgan Medical Center received a large donation at the end of June in the amount of $430,000 from the hospital’s foundation, which raised the funds through the Rural Hospital Tax Credit program. The substantial funds will be used to update the hospital’s medicinal dispensary system, according to hospital officials. 

“As we strive to be a patient-focused center of excellence, the quality of care that we provide to our patients remains a top priority,” said Ralph Castillo, Chief Executive Officer for Morgan Medical Center.  “Purchases such as the upgraded medication dispensing system, or the ventilator and portable ultrasound that our auxiliary members are working to help us obtain, are investments in our future that will enable us to provide high-quality care for many years to come.”  

“The upgraded medication dispensing system will greatly increase the quality of care that we are able to provide to our patients.  Patient safety is at the forefront of our minds in all of the decisions that we make and we are very appreciative of our foundation board members and program participants who worked hard to raise the funds that made the purchase possible,” explained Adam Bedgood, Chief Nursing Officer for Morgan Medical Center.

According to Megan Morris,  executive director of the Morgan Medical Center Foundation, the hospital currently uses an older “Omnicell system,” but will transition to the new and improved “Omnicell XT Automated Dispensing Cabinet.” 

 “These will  create a safer process for the delivery of medications to our patients and have an increased medication capacity while occupying the same footprint as the old cabinets,” said Morris.  “The funds raised have also enabled us to purchase Omnicell Analytics, a controlled substance diversion detection software. This software improves patient safety by analyzing issues such as inappropriate medication therapy and quickly detects medication diversion. It also improves compliance with Joint Commission and DEA requirements.” 

In addition to the new medicinal dispensary system, Morgan Medical Center will use the funds to add two Anesthesia XT Workstation, due to the hospital’s growth in surgical services. 

“It has similar benefits: .increased security and accountability of controlled substances, increased patient safety, improved efficiency for pharmacy and anesthesia providers, and support for regulatory compliance,” explained Morris. 

Hospital officials encourage citizens to take advantage of the Rural Hospital Tax Credit program to support the needs of the Morgan Medical Center. 

“The Georgia HEART program is an excellent opportunity for taxpayers to keep their state tax dollars local.  By designating tax dollars to benefit Morgan Medical Center, individuals can help continue to improve the quality of healthcare and quality of life in our community without any additional out of pocket cost to themselves,” explained Morris.   “The opportunity to designate tax dollars to our hospital has enabled many individuals to participate in making a difference in local healthcare when they otherwise may not have had the means to make a charitable contribution.  We are very grateful for these charitable-minded individuals for their desire to make an impact!” 

“Funds were primarily raised through the Rural Hospital Tax Credit program which allows Georgia taxpayers to receive a 100 percent  state tax credit for contributions made to qualified rural hospitals, of which Morgan Medical Center is one,” explained Morris.  “There is still opportunity for individuals, owners in pass-through entities, and C-Corporations to participate in 2019.”

  For more information on the program, or to sign up to participate, individuals may contact Megan Morris at 706-752-2237/ or visit  

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