More than $13 million in real estate transactions

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Compiled by Dianne Yost

 June 18, 2019

• 270 South Main LLC of Bishop to Geoffrey F.W. Garrod of Conyers, 1121 Graham Drive, 1121 Graham Drive, 1.27 acres, Madison, $48,000.

• Cathey Solutions, Inc. of Madison to Claudia R. Crenshaw of Atlanta, 1660 Sugar Creek Trail, 1.24 acres, Buckhead, $197,233.

• Brandon Forde of Atlanta to Gloria Reynoso of Madison 2451 Pierce Daily Road, Madison, $400,000.

• Jeffrey A. Patrick of Madison to George L. Cannon of Buckhead, 1660 Fraction Bottom Road, 1.26 acres, Buckhead, $196,000.

• Franklin Kempton Mooney, Jr. of Brooklyn, N.Y. to San Ygnacio Construction, LLC of Covington, Godfrey Road, Madison, $157,156.

June 19, 2019

• Meghan E. Gallagher, Michael E. Gallagher and John James … of Lawrenceville. to Melissa Ann Nippert and Randy J. Burns of Alpharetta, 1250 Sailview Drive, Buckhead, $659,500.

• Mary Ellen Shannon of Buckhead to David Lee Kuhns, Jr. of Buckhead, 1491 Barrows Grove Road, 7.72 acres, Buckhead $400,000.

• Laura J. Thomas of Lawrenceville to Laura A. Fowler of Madison, 348 East Washington St., Madison, $270,000.

June 20, 2019

• Ann Broadwell of Rutledge to Thomas R. Rice, Jr. of Rutledge, 562 Indian Creek Trail, Rutledge, $217,500.

• Charles Edwin Rooks of 30467 GA to Brandon S. Waters of Rutledge, 547 Indian Creek Trail, Rutledge, $232,000.

• Jeffrey W. Carr and Margo W. Carr of Monroe to Thomas E. Arnold and Rebecca L. Arnold of Monroe, Newborn Road, 6.56 acres, Rutledge, $25,000.

June 21, 2019

• Macie McCannon of Bogart to Michael E. Wren of Rutledge, 1011 Overlook Drive, Madison, $129,900.

June 24, 2019

• Travis S. Hill of Decatur. to Katherine Naftel of Madison, 1040 River Farm Way, Madison, $415,000.

• Bank of Madison of Madison to R&D Properties, GA, LLC of Monroe, Davis Academy Road, 12.58 acres, Rutledge, $30,000.

• Leesa J. Wilson of Madison to Gina D. Brisebois of Rutledge, 542 Indian Creek Trail, Rutledge, $239,000.

• Gina Brisebois of Madison to Myra Sharon Thorne of Madison, 1145 Bell Circle, Madison, $146,000. 

June 25, 2019

• Richmond W. Wall of Madison to The Cathey Corp. of Madison, Foster Street, M27 004A, Madison, $79,000.

• Bayview Loan Servicing LLC of Coral, Fla. to Ryan M. Cathey of Madison, 1011 White Street, Madison, $89,000.

• Anne Conley of Madison to Nathan Park of Madison, 1200 Westminster Way, Madison, $314,000.

• Bank of Madison to Madison to Erin Keeney of Smyrna, 1440 Nolan Store Road, Madison, $349,000.

• Nathan Park of Madison to Ashley Lynn Davis of Buford., 1111 Shoals Court, Madison, $256,000.

June 26, 2019

• Jerry O. Smith of Madison to ECG Properties LLC of Madison, 1111 Commerce Drive, Madison, $275,000.

• Robert D. Fowler of McKinney, Texas to Chelsea Whitley of Madison, 1011 Devon Drive, 0.7 acres, Madison, $365,000.

• John R. Anderson of Madison to Pamela Hall of Madison, 1105 Creekwood Circle, 0.18 acres, Madison, $340,000.

• Patricia Carter of Buckhead to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB of Anaheim, Calif., 1100 Reids Ferry Road, 10.17 acres, Buckhead, $105,259.

June 27, 2019

• Logical Properties LLC of Convington to Joseph Braselton of Madison, 1331 Jim Thomas Road, Madison, $279,900.

June 28, 2019

• Martin Leroy Parker of Villa Rica. to Cynthia Julian of Conyers, 4961 Eatonton Highway, 3.29 acres, Madison, $110,000.

• Franklin Kempton Mooney, Jr. of Brooklyn, N.Y. to Lonnie Alton Moore of Madison, Godfrey Road, Madison, 15.132 acres, $128,622.

• Wanda Gail Flanagan of Dacula. to Karl F. Jensen of Buckhead, 1041 Apalachee Woods Drive, Buckhead, $231,500.

• Mary F. Woodward of Madison to Jason Sirkorski of Avondale Estate., 1755 Four Lakes Drive, Madison, $325,000.

• Joel Scott Hayes of Savannah to Kirby C. Hayes of Madison, 1040 Head Road, 9.574 acres, Madison, $265,000.

July 1, 2019

• Bill W. Brinegar of Buckhead to Currie M. Hancock of Buckhead, 1050 Morgan Drive, 5.1 acres, Buckhead, $299,400.

• RBC Homes LLC of Newborn to Robert P. Morris of Madison, 751 Markhams Drive, 0.33 acres, Madison, $294,900.

• Madison-Morgan Conservancy, Inc. of Madison to David Minnix of Atlanta, 498 S. Main Street, Madison $449,000. 

• Gary Jones of Madison to Susan Akins, Trustee of Madison, 3230 Greensboro Road, 5 acres, Madison, $259,900.

• Michael D. Westbrook of Panama City, Fla. to James L. Starr of Madison, Lot 11 Indian Creek Road, Madison, $90,000.

July 2, 2019

•New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro to Jeffrey A. Patrick of Madison, 1541 Westminster Way, 1.22 acres, Madison, $370,855.

• Rivers End LLC of Geneva, Ill. to Benjamin Morin Tidwell of Atlanta, 1121 & Apalachee Meadows Drive, Madison, $180,000.

• Richard Irby and Amanda Irby of Powder Springs, Ga. to Marlon Barefield of Savannah, 1120 Fisher Way, Buckhead, $315,000.

July 3, 3019

• Sean T. Brow… of the Estate of Jim T…” of Bostwick to Floyd Earl Ammon of Bostwick, Nolan Store Road, 1.38 and 3821 Nolan Store Road, 3.62 acres, $265,000.

• Linda Thompson of Punta Gorda, Fla. to Robert Lee Richter of Buckhead, 1431 Swords Road, Buckhead, $130,000.

• Joangela S. Fierman of Madison to Johnny Dean Delaigle of Madison, 1930 Dixie Highway, Madison, $229,000.

• R. Warren Howard of Newborn to Jason Howard of Newborn, 4221 Newborn Road, 2.73 acres, Newborn, $100,000.

July 5, 2019

• William Joe Kiser and Gayle Hamilton of Hartwell,  to Janice Spelbrink of Madison, 1092 Creekwood Circle, Madison, $244,900.

• Wayne A. Vellegas of Buckhead to Philip T. Walters of Roswell, , 1050 Blue Springs Drive, Buckhead, $250,000.

• Michael A. Duff of Loganville,  to Joshua C. Breeden of Buckhead, 1010 Apalachee Court, Buckhead, $290,000.

July 8, 2019

• Charles Eugen Mitcham, II of Buckhead to Deitrich Lamar Roland, Sr. of Madison, Cedar Grove Road, Cedar Grove Road, 5.038 acres, Buckhead, $40,000.

• James S. Ball of Madison to SBP Investment Group LLC of Madison, Ponder Pines Road, 3 acres, Madison, $35,000.

•Jason Pertoso of Madison to Clarence Thomas Harper, III of Madison, 4020 Brownwood Road, 2.042 acres, Madison, $493,000.

• Louise M. Guy of Roswell to Joseph E. Joslin of Madison, 3980 Fairplay Road, Madison, $270,000.

• Jason C. Pertoso of Madison to R&D Properties GA, LLC of Monroe, Brownwood Road, 2.042 acres, Madison, $24,500. 

July 9, 2019

• Keith Murphy of Madison to Cory L. Overstreet of Madison, 3880 Buckhead Road, 3.444 acres, Buckhead, $228,500.

July 10, 2019

• Sandra R. McLeod of Rutledge to Vince Skidmore of Rutledge, 1581 Dickson Road, 5.26 acres, Rutledge, $189,900.

• Melissa Terry of Rutledge ot Michael Shane Boyer of Madison, 2671 Davis Academy Road, Rutledge, $222,500.

• Marcus Royster of Thornton, Ill. to SBP Investment Group LLC of Madison, Lot 1 Saffold Road, Buckhead, $17,500.

• Marcus Royster of Thornton, Ill. to SBP Investment Group LLC of Madison, Lot 2 Saffold Road, Buckhead, $17,500.

• Albert R. Benney Jr. of Thornton, Ill. to SBP Investment Group LLC of Madison, Lot 3 Saffold Road, Buckhead, $17,500.

• Walton Georgia LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Ting-Ting Chang of Scottsdale, Ariz., 2731 Eatonton Highway/portion, Madison, $10,000.

• Walton Georgia LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Ching-Hui Chiu of Scottsdale, Ariz., 2731 Eatonton Highway/portion, Madison $100,000.

• Walton Georgia LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Tsai-Yu Tai of Scottsdale, Ariz., 2731 Eatonton Highway/portion, Madison $50,000.

• Walton Georgia LLC of Scottsdale, Ariz. to Hui-Ju Huang of Scottsdale, Ariz., 2731 Eatonton Highway/portion, Madison, $30,000.

•Trustee Clyde Lynn Payne Revocable Living Trust and … of Mansfield,  to David S. Thomas of St. Petersburg, Fla., 2655 Highway 229, 70.55 acres, Mansfield, $550,488.

July 11, 2019

• Tierra Grande, LLC of Conyers to Pennington Land Company, LLC of Madison, Eatonton Highway, 1.74 acres, Madison, $2,100.

• Estate of Larry Lamar Pettigrew of Madison to Sallie Kate Boswell Williams of Madison, Eatonton Highway, 1.418 acres, Madison, $11,300.

July 12, 2019

• Tony Talevski of Madison to G. Michael Brown of Watkinsville, 1080 Apalachee Ridge, 10.16 acres, Madison, $73,000.

• Janet R. Ellard of Rutledge to Gail C. Flake of Rutledge, 1060 Kenncheefoonee Road, Rutledge, $167,000.

• Cathey Holdings, Inc. of Madison to Michele L. Bechtell of Madison, 1900 Pierce Daily Road, Madison, $183,810.

• James S. Ball of Madison to Doris Clark of Madison, 1210 Ponder Pines Road/portion, 1 acre, Madison, $12,000.

• Marjorie Underwood Talevski of Madison to DRSC Enterprises Limited Partnership of Alpharetta, Swords Road, Buckhead, 1 acre, $135,000. 

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