Sounds of Motown to headline Firefly Festival

Staff Written News

By Sidhartha Wakade

staff writer

The 11th annual Madison Firefly Festival will be held in Town Park on July 26 through July 27.

The first day runs from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for kids age 12 and under according to Colleen Hall, the special events coordinator for the city of Madison. 

The tickets for kids are $5, she said.

“We have kid’s night on Friday night,” Hall said. “Two hours of just… fun stuff. It’s sort of carnival-y, they can move from one station to the next.

There will be balloon hats, puppet shows, a train for the kids to ride, stilt walkers, ice-cream and a DJ playing live music, according to Hall. Main Street vets, the one of the larger sponsors, will bring pocket pets for the kids to pet at the festival, Hall said.

The next day is a date night intended for the parents to enjoy, though kids usually come to that one too, Hall said. 

Tickets will cost $10 and the event begins at 7pm and runs until 10pm. This year the Sounds of Motown, an Athens band, will have a concert at the festival, she said.

“They are a town favorite. Everyone loves them,” she said. “ In fact, we’ve tried different bands for this event, and everyone asks for the Sounds of Motown back.” 

Hall expects about 2,000 people to show up, packing Town Park. A lot of the same people keep coming back and it is nice to see how things have changed, according to Hall.

“The great thing about the kids night is that I’ve watched these kids grow,” she said. 

“They’ve aged out and are bringing their siblings. It’s really nice.”

The festival has also become more of a tradition as the years have gone by, Hall said. 

“The festival wasn’t a thing until the park was built,” she said. “They were looking for events to make traditions into, and this was a good one. It is exactly what we want in the park.”

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