Cops quick thinking saves life

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by Sidhartha Wakade

staff writer

The Madison Police Department plans to honor an officer with a Lifesaving Award for helping to revive a woman after she fainted and stopped breathing.

Officer Jordan Fincher responded to a call in June about a woman who was unconscious and was not breathing on Garnett Street, according to reports. Fincher said he arrived at the address before emergency services.

“I went over to the lady that was passed out and not breathing and checked her pulse,” he said. “She didn’t too much have a pulse. It was really, really low.”

Fincher then got some of the gathered family members to lower the woman to the ground, he explained. Something was placed under her head and Fincher performed CPR on the woman. While he was in the middle of chest compressions, a fight broke out in the yard, he said.

“We had a big fight break out in the yard, so I had to control that and do CPR,” he said. 

Fincher said he got another family member to administer breath every 30 compressions. He did CPR for two cycles before the victim responded.

“Once I got through the second cycle, she took a really deep breath, and her pulse came back up,” he said. “She started breathing a little better than she was.”

The victim began responding to Fincher’s requests to blink her eyes.

“Before I had asked her if she could blink her eyes and she wasn’t responding,” Fincher said. “She couldn’t move her mouth… but when she took that deep breath… she was back with me.”

Fincher then waited for EMS to arrive.

As for what caused the woman to faint, Fincher said it was possibly due to the shock of a funeral that day. The woman was taken to Morgan Medical Center and was in stable condition. According to Fincer.

“They said that same day… a grandmother that lived at the residence passed away,” he said. “They escorted a funeral out of there.”

When the family came back to the home to mourn, Fincher said some fights broke out.

“Everybody got upset, and there was alcohol involved,” he said. “They believe she went into shock. She had heart problems in the past. When she saw all the family members start fighting, they said she just collapsed.”

In the wake of Fincher’s heroic actions, the Madison Police Department was going to surprise him with a Lifesaving Award during the July City Council meeting, but the meeting was cancelled.

Fincher now knows he will be honored for his efforts, and the award will be given to him on August 8th during the next council meeting. Chief Bill Ashburn will give Fincher the award during the meeting.

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