Ford no more at Youngblood

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By Patrick Yost


After more than 50 years, Youngblood Motor Company has announced it will no longer sale new vehicles and is dropping the Ford dealership portion of the business.

However, said second generation Youngblood co-owner Scott Youngblood, the business is transitioning into several different sales areas and will maintain its service department.

“We’re going to look different in a few months,” he said.

Four months ago Youngblood Motor Company became a Massey Ferguson tractor dealership. Prior to that the company had also expanded into utility trailers. Youngblood said the company is soon going to be a “side by side” dealership and will also sell zero-turn lawnmowers.

As of Friday last week no new cars remained on the Youngblood Motor Co. lot. Youngblood said the company, which his father Jack started in 1961, is transitioning into different lines. The company will continue to sell pre-owned vehicles and its service department will remain under the Youngblood Motor Co. banner.

However, starting soon, the sales component of the business will be called Youngblood Tractor Co.

Youngblood said he and his brother Todd had began to look for a different way to create business in the automotive line. “The bottom line is we’re in a small market, were not going to have 400 cars on the lot.”

“We started looking for something that is viable for this area.”

What they found were the trailers and tractors,  a business model that “fits this area.” 

That model also includes a next-door storage facility and the expansion into utility vehicles and mowers. The service department remains a viable part of the business plan. “We are going to be just as capable for working on cars,” he said.

However, without the Ford dealership designation, no warranty work will be done in the service area.

Youngblood said the changes are creating a unique synergy and will drive for added employment opportunities. “It’s an exciting move. Essentially we’re a number of businesses all working out of this space.”

Jack Youngblood, a former wielder and car mechanic who, at one time, worked for the Spears Motor Co. in downtown Madison, was given the opportunity to open a Ford dealership across the street from the current Youngblood Motor Co. building on North Main Street. The prior Ford dealership, which was located where the city of Madison Public Safety complex is, had closed. Youngblood said his father, who “was a working guy” jumped on the chance in 1961. “My dad was a working guy. when he was at his business or his house, he could fix anything. He always figured he could do and fix anything and he could.”

Youngblood said the change will keep pace with a change in both buying habits and the marketplace. “We were looking for something that’s viable for this area,” he said. “The tractor business fits this area.”

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