Local course gets face lift

Staff Written News

by Sidhartha Wakade

staff writer

The Hard Labor Creek Golf Course in Social Circle, Georgia finished up a slew of renovations on the course last year in an effort to update their irrigation systems and infrastructure. 

According to Karl Goss, PGA golf course manager at Hard Labor Creek, the involved redoing the irrigation system for the entire course, complete with new pipes and sprinklers. The golf shop and clubhouse was also renovated, with new lights, fixtures and carpeting, he said.

“The system was old and tired,” Goss said. “We had pipe that was in the ground since 1968, and we replaced better than six miles of pipe.”

The course also received a new fleet of golf carts, with the course leasing a new fleet every four years, he said.

“We have a brand new cart fleet that arrived in November,” he said. “The guests really like those. They have cellphone chargers on both sides of the cart.”

Overall feedback on the renovation has been positive, Goss said.

“People are really raving about the conditions of the fairways now, because we’re able to water in places where we never could before,” he said. “Our turf quality is much improved. Even though it’s been a 100 degrees, it’s nice and green out here.”

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