Rutledge adding speed humps in town

Staff Written News

By Sidhartha Wakade

staff writer

The Rutledge City Council discussed placing more speed humps on Nunnally Street and Hawkins Street to slow down cars passing through the town.

Mayor Bruce Altznauer said that the speed humps were recommended by Marc Acampora, a traffic engineer that did a traffic study for the city to see how to slow down cars coming into Rutledge. 

“His recommendation was that we do need some additional speed humps in town,” Altznauer said. 

The proposed speed humps are in response to traffic coming off of I-20. Cars maintain their speed from the highway when entering Rutledge, said Alztnauer. He said the State patrol and sheriff’s department is helping with keeping the speed limits down.

“One of the biggest violations they see is coming off of I-20 and hitting Newborn,” he said. “The speeds are still up. By the time they hit the 45, they don’t see that, and they never see the 35.” There have been a number of tickets given out because of speeding in Rutledge, especially off of I-20, according to Altznauer.

“We’re not trying to write tickets,” he said. “We’re not trying to get money that way. That’s not our intention.”

Altznauer also mentioned that current signage for speed limits and slow down warnings needs to be repositioned to give people more chances to slow down before the speed limit drops considerably.

“The sheriff’s department said that they really couldn’t set up any kind of monitoring there… because the signs are not in the correct position. We need to change that.”

Altznauer said that the city would make whatever changes that are needed in accordance with the traffic study. A motion was made to accept the traffic study, which all of the council members voted to accept unanimously.

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