More than $2 million in real estate sold last week

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Compiled by Dianne Yost

staff writer

July 29, 2019

• Nancy J. Kurtz of Madison to John Kalland of Madison, 1031 Waterford Court, Madison, $290,000.

• Guy Nichols of McDonough to William Thorpe of McDonough, Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $110,000.

• Guy J. Notte of Madison to Robert Devero of Madison, 1711 Westminster Way, Madison, $430,000.

July 30, 2019

• David C. Reynolds of Buckhead to Tyler Thomas Hooks of Buckhead, 1621 Sugar Creek Trail, Buckhead, $135,000.

July 31, 2019

• Brian Collins of Rutledge to Timothy Garner of Rutledge, 143 E. Main Street, Rutledge, $270,000.

• Christopher A. Lowe of Rutledge to Otha Knight, Jr. of Rutledge, 1781 Keencheefoonee Road, Rutledge, $258,000.

August 1, 2019

•  Nannette Patrick Erb of Greensboro to Michael J. Kinsaul of Madison, 3170 Monticello Highway, 13.375 acres, Madison, $329,000.

• Peter Vega of New York to Charles Martin of Madison, 271 West Washington Street, Madison, $215,000.

• Judy B. Breedlove of Rutledge to Shelby York Griscom of Fort Worth, Texas, 135 West Main Street, 0.539 acre, Rutledge, $180,000.

August 2, 2019

• Iron Horse Developments, LLC of Jersey, Ga. to Josh Ross Trice of Madison, 1090 Windsor Creek Drive, Madison, $345,033.

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