Technology busts burglary suspect in progress

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


For the first time, authorities say, a suspected home burglary was both recorded and stopped in Morgan County using a home surveillance camera attached to the home owners phone.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Howard, deputies and investigators were able to respond to a 911 call from a homeowner on Apalachee River Road on Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 11:30 a.m. when the homeowner was alerted on his cell phone that his Ring surveillance camera had motion at the house.

Howard said the homeowner allegedly watched a woman shatter a back window with a brick, open the window and then climb through the window.

Three officers arrived and surrounded the house and, reports state, detained and arrested Quantisa Rose, 30, Madison. Rose is now charged with one count burglary. 

Reports state that the officers found the broken back window and an envelope with cash in a dining room along with a black wallet. Money was also laying on the floor.

Rose allegedly admitted to officers that she used a brick to gain entrance to the home and that she was “desperate” to pay her rent and probation fees. She also told officers that she had $150 in cash when she entered the residence and she had placed her money in the envelope with money she found at the residence. 

Howard was touting the quick ability for officers to be alerted of a crime in progress and how fast the homeowner was able to call 911 to report. 

Since November, 2017, Howard said, Morgan County officers have been called out on 575 false alarms because of motion detectors without the video capability. “The bottom line is, it could be the wind, it could be your dog,” he said.

In this instance, with the live-streaming video, officers were able to ascertain a suspect and that a crime was in progress. This arrest marks the first time a burglary has been stopped in progress, Howard said.

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