Kangaroo hops through Buckhead?

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


A retired Buckhead school teacher had to stop her car on Tuesday, Aug. 20 after she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

The time: 2:30 p.m., bright sunshine; the location: Old Buckhead Road near the former General Store location close to the intersection of Old Buckhead Road and Apalachee River Road.

The sighting: a kangaroo.

“It didn’t look like a deer,” she says. “I took a second look and it was hopping.”

The woman, who requested anonymity, phoned her husband who then phoned Morgan County Dispatch. According to Morgan County Dispatch records, the call was received at 2:44 p.m.  On the call a good-natured dispatcher can be heard chuckling at the nature of the emergency.

Dispatch: “Morgan County 911, what is your emergency?”

Caller: “This is not really an emergency… this might sound kind of crazy but my wife is going down Buckhead Road and there’s a kangaroo loose out there.”

Dispatch: “Oookay (laughter).”

Caller: “Does anybody own a kangaroo in that area?”

Dispatch: “I don’t know of anybody owning a kangaroo…”

Caller: “I said, “Are you sure it wasn’t a deer and she said, “No, it was a kangaroo.”

Dispatch: (laughter) “Okay, that’s a new one.”

The woman said after she sighted the hopping creature she slowed the car down to get a better look. “I actually saw it’s tail. I could tell it wasn’t a deer. A deer doesn’t have a long, thin tail.”

The woman said the creature was roughly four feet tall and bounded away in a hurry as she slowed to take a better look. 

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Cynthia Patton responded to the dispatch call and went to the area seeking the animal. “I didn’t see anything,” she says.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Officer Ricky Boles also sought clues to the animal but came up empty handed. Boles also searched for permitted exotic animals in the region and found nothing. “Nobody in Morgan County has a permit for an animal of this type,” he says.

But the woman, who said she had her coffee group enthralled with the story the following day, says she stands by her story and the alleged sighting.

“I saw what I saw,” she says.

“I can’t help it.”

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