Kangaroo story prompts more sighting reports

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


Not to hop to a conclusion, but there may be something bouncing around the Buckhead area.

A week after the Morgan County Citizen published a woman’s claims that she had seen a kangaroo hopping by the side of Old Buckhead Road near the former General Store, two more woman have come forward with their own kangaroo claims.

Leah Anne Sellers, an employee of Morgan County High School, said she saw a kangaroo four years ago near the intersection of Apalachee River Road and Sugar Creek Church Road. “It looked like a gigantic Jack Rabbit,” she said.

Sellers said the beast “jumped as high as my hood over the road” in front of her. She was in a vehicle at night and saw the animal in her headlights.

“I promise you, it wasn’t a deer,” she said.

And, like a second woman who requested anonymity, the story about a kangaroo sighting in Buckhead has affirmed that what she believes she saw has validity.

“I’m just glad I’m getting my sanity back,” Sellers said with a laugh.

The second woman said three years ago She was leaving her sister’s house on Deer Track Road when she saw what she believes to be a kangaroo 25 yards away from her vehicle. “it just started hopping,” she said.

She said she reported the sighting to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and told her family. “My family has made fun of me,” she laughs. “They thought I was crazy.” 

Her father purchased and placed a “kangaroo crossing” sign and placed it in his daughter’s yard.

“I told my dad, ‘I know what I saw, I’m not crazy,’ “ she said. 

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