Nine dogs removed from Madison house

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


Nine dogs were removed from a residence on Hendrix Lane on Tuesday, Sept. 3 after authorities entered the residence and, reports state, found “every room in the residence was covered with dog feces.” Reports also state that “pee pads’ scattered through the residence were “‘xtremely soiled.’”

The dogs were removed and are currently being housed at the Morgan County Animal Control Shelter. 

According to reports, a man who said he had been appointed power of attorney for a woman living in the residence requested a police escort to the residence to retrieve documents. The woman, the man said, was suffering from an extreme illness and had requested that he compile the documents while she was undergoing medical treatment. 

According to Sgt. Phillip Malcom, Madison Police Department, the woman has not been at the residence for some time.

The man alleged that the woman’s boyfriend had been given responsibility for the dogs during her illness and had “apparently failed to provide proper care for the dogs.”

“They were living in deplorable conditions and we felt there was an immediate health concern,” said Malcom

“It can cause vermin,” said Malcom. “it can be an issue.”

Malcolm said the city had been in contact with the executor to make arrangements to have the residence cleaned. The dogs, he said, were otherwise healthy.

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