Real estate sales are brisk for Morgan County

Staff Written News

Compiled by Dianne Yost

Sept. 16, 2019

• P. Cherry Porter of Decatur, Ga. to Ryan Bernard of Newborn, 1121 MacFaddin Lane, Newborn, $20,000.

Sept. 17, 2019

• Mark A. McCannon of Commerce, Ga. to Charles A. Brown of Monroe, Ga., Sandy Creek Road, 145.32 acres, Madison, $220,000.

• Garry J. Beavers and Catherine Lea Beavers of Buckhead to Charles Justin McKenzey of Monroe, 1380 Apalachee Woods Trail, Buckhead, 0.97 acre, $125,000.

• Lisa G. Bumgarner, Ex. Last Will & Test. Of Elizabeth Ann … of Madison to Trevor Breedlove of Madison, 377 Plum Street, Madison, $150,000.

Sept. 18,, 2019

• David G. Newton of Griffin, Ga. to Andrew Pettit of Greensboro, Godfrey Road, 5.967 acres, Madison, $62,653.

• Jerry O. Smith of Madison to Small Town Properties and Holdings, LLC of Madison, 1051 Commerce Drive, $425,000.

• Mannington Mills Inc. of Salem, N.J. to Georgia Department of Transportation of Atanta, 027 138A,  $0

• Barbara Dianne Biddy Saia, Successor Trustee of the John  . .. of Salem, Mass. To Hard Labor Properties, LLC of Madison, Eatonton Road, Madison, 36.388 acres, $250,000.

Sept. 19, 2019

• Gerald M. Thompson of Madison to Connie Sheppard Slate of Madison, 585 Foster Street, Madison, $154,000.

• Donald Paul Gilmore of Clinton, Miss. To Travis Hill of Madison, 1050 Sunlight Court, Madison, $130,900.

• Bruce E. Gilbert and the Estate of Vivian P. Gilbert of Madison to Thomas Preston Investments, LLC of Madison, 129 South Main Street, Madison, $249,000.

Sept. 20, 2019

• Connie S. Slate of Madison to Abbey Beckham of Madison, 1260 Westminster Way, Madison, $247,500.

• David G. Newton of Griffin, Ga. to David Scot Smith of Madison, Godfrey Road, 10.256 acres, Madison, $87,252.

• Cary Oglesby of Madison to Austin Ryan Shackelford of Statham, Ga., 1220 Waterstone Drive, $27,000.

• Richard A. Morrison of Blairsville, Ga. to Thomas Rea of Madison, Sugar Hill Drive, 0.73 acre, $70,000.

• Legacy State Park of Loganville, Ga. to Leonard Wesley Johnson, Jr. of Rutledge, Portion of 012 130, $220,250.

• Legacy State Park of Loganville, Ga. to Devon Scott Dartnell of Rutledge, Portion of 012 130, $220,250.

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