Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Oct. 6 Christian Malebranche, 29, Smyrna was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana, less than an ounce, open container and tail light requirements. According to reports, a deputy performed a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Malebranche on Interstate 20 at 12:25 a.m. Consequent to the traffic stop for non-working tail lights, the deputy reported Malebranche told him he had just been released from prison. The deputy said he observed marijuana wrapped in brown paper in the ash tray of the vehicle. After a search of the vehicle, reports state, a deputy found a 9mm handgun under the passenger seat. Under the driver seat was a set of digital scales and a bottle of Ginatonic with the seal broken.

On Oct. 5 Dontavious Carruth, 27, Athens was arrested and charged with fugitive from justice and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, Carruth was stopped while driving near Athens Highway and Buckhead Road for allegedly failure to maintain lane. Consequent to the stop, an officer alleged that he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Carruth allegedly told the officer he had a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. The office also learned that Carruth was wanted out of North Carolina. The vehicle was turned over to passengers in the vehicle, per Carruth’s permission.

On Oct. 5 a entering auto complaint was filed at a Wildflower Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone entered her unlocked vehicle and removed four copies of her Georgia Driver’s License, a deactivated Visa card, $120 cash and a calculator valued at $150. 

On Oct. 5 a theft of lost or mislaid property complaint was filed at Rainbow Food Store, Athens Highway. According to reports, a man said the last time he remembered having his wallet was at the food store, however, he had received three texts from his bank that someone had tried to use his debit card at Chik Fil A in Athens. All charges had been denied.

On Oct. 5 a damage to property complaint was filed at a West Atlanta Highway, Rutledge location. According to reports, a woman said while traveling on Atlanta Highway a wooden box of metal fell off a flat bed trailer and struck the right front side of her vehicle. The woman said the trailer was being pulled by a dark-colored pickup truck.

On Oct. 4 Randall Jackson Rice, 49, Madison was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, deputies were called to a physical altercation at a Seven Islands Road residence. At the residence a woman alleged that Rice grabbed her by the throat and arms and threw her off the back porch. Reports state that a deputy observed marks and bruising on the woman’s body. The complainant said she had recently ended a relationship with Rice and had come be the residence, per his request, to pick up mail. While at the residence Rice told her through a door that he had returned the mail to the post office. Reports state that a woman was standing behind Rice and the complainant allegedly asked the woman if her husband knew she was at Rice’s residence. The woman said at this point Rice grabbed her and threw her off the porch. Rice told deputies the complainant came to the residence and was “yelling and cussing.” The second female at the residence also accused the complainant of “yelling and cussing” at the residence. Based on the marks on the complainant, reports state, a deputy arrested Rice.

On Oct. 3 a simple battery complaint was filed at an Indian Bend Drive, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her ex-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend had attacked her. The woman alleged that the man and woman came into her residence and the man grabbed her with both hands by the throat, forcing her to the ground while the woman hit her in the back of her head and back. She said one of the two threw and shattered her phone and that this was the fourth time she had been attacked by the man. A deputy spoke with the man who alleged that the complainant had been goading his ex-girlfriend to come to the residence on Facebook to fight. The man said when he arrived he allegedly found both women fighting and grabbed the complainant by the throat to break up the fight.

On Oct. 3 an information report was filed at a Pine Tree Circle residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to a man’s complaint that after he had sold a man a washer and dryer for $200 with $50 down, the man had not paid the remaining $150. The complainant said he went to the man’s Pine Tree Circle residence to pick up the appliances and give the man his $50 back and the man allegedly pulled a hunting knife and threatened the complainant. A deputy spoke with the buyer who denied threatening the man and said he believed the seller had found another buyer for more money. He also said he was happy to give the appliances back if he received his downpayment back, as well.

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