‘Substantial’ amount of meth seized

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


A two month drug investigation ended last Thursday with five arrests and seizure of a “substantial amount” of methamphetamine.

According to Lt. Brandon Sellers, following the execution of a search warrant on an Old Mill Road residence and the arrest of Deanna Dale Carter, 44, Madison, officers used the residence as a draw for suspected methamphetamine dealers. “We realized her house had become a center of operation for meth dealers,” Sellers said. “The opportunity presented itself.”

Carter, Sellers said, was arrested at approximately 2 p.m. and members of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit waited at  her residence to  eventually arrest William Carlton Savard, 42, Madison; Edie Marie Smith, 44, Social Circle and Jeremy Shane Kidd, 42, Social Circle. All three were charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. A fourth man, Adrian Antonio Tucker, 41, Conyers, was arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine.

Carter was charged with possession of methamphemtamine and cruelty to animals.

Sellers said part of the investigation centered around Carter’s pet dog allegedly testing positive for methamphetamine ingestion.

Tucker, he alleged, is a major supplier of methamphetamine in the Atlanta area who has been under federal surveillance. In fact, Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said, the sheriff’s office was contacted by an undercover Drug Enforcement Agent following the operation who told him “Tucker has been poisoning the area east of Atlanta for a long time.”

The agent said he was “grateful” that Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chad Lanier, a narcotics specialist with the Sheriff’s Office, was able to arrest Tucker.

In total more than four ounces of suspected methamphetamine was seized in the operation.

Chief Deputy Keith Howard said the operation is a continuation of a nimble strategy the sheriff’s office has deployed for the past two years to counter a fast paced and mobile narcotics dealer.

“The search warrant process alone is too slow given the fast pace and mobility of criminal activity. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office patrol and investigation units work in unison utilizing a combination of search warrants, vehicle searches, consent searches and Fourth Amendment waiver searches  in collaboration with the surrounding jurisdictions to include the Drug Court to increase our collective success.

Sellers alleged that Carter was “a supplier for the west side of the county.”

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