Councilman Joyce to hold Town Hall

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

One Madison CIty Councilman is hoping to engage the community at an upcoming Town Hall set for Monday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. in the Madison meeting hall, located at 160 North Main Street, Suite 400 in Madison. 

Eric Joyce, who holds the District 2 City Council seat, hopes his constituents as well as other city residents, will come out to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding pertinent issues facing the City of Madison. 

“I represent District 2 but everyone is more than welcome to attend because I believe I take votes that affect everybody in the city. the entire city,” explained Joyce. “Soon anybody who cares about the City of Madison should come out. I am looking for feedback from our citizens to guide me on which direction to go in the future.”

Joyce plans to outline the latest accomplishments of the city as well as address hot button topics that have dominated city council meetings in the last couple of years, including zoning policies, development projects, and historic preservation. 

“I am encouraging all comments and questions,” said Joyce. “If people want to rehash the Foster Park development or talk about some of the other applications coming up in the future, I will be glad to listen.”

One of Joyce’s top priorities is to ensure downtown businesses flourish. 

“Our downtown businesses are such an important part of what we offer our visitors here,” said Joyce. “I want to  make sure as a city we are doing the most we can to make sure the merchants are successful.”

Joyce is also looking to gauge how citizens feel about the possibility of allowing food trucks downtown. 

“I want to know people’s opinions on food trucks before we go forward with anything,” said Joyce. 

Joyce will also talk about his goal of installing more solar panels on city facilities.

“It’s a way to save our taxpayers money with the added bonus of helping the environment,” said Joyce. “It’s a pet project of mine.”

Joyce is hoping Monday evening’s Town Hall will be an exercise in communication and transparency. 

“Nothing is off the table,” said Joyce. “In the representative government we have  I think it’s important for good transparency between the citizens and their elected officials. I think it’s important for people to know where I stand on certain issues and important for me to hear feedback from the citizens of Madison.” 

“I will answer their questions or get back to them if I don’t know the answer off hand,” added Joyce. 

Joyce, who took office in 2018, is nearly at the halfway point of his first term. He follows a simple three-tiered philosophy when it comes to his duty as a city councilman. 

“Do your homework, consult broadly, and then vote what you think is right,” said Joyce.  “I want people’s opinions, even if it’s against me, I want to know what people think is important to help me represent the city to the best of my ability. I hope people will come out to make their opinions known to help me be a good council representative for our city.”

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