Chase ends in armed standoff

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


What started as an attempt of a traffic stop ended two days later with officers and an armored vehicle surrounding a Double Bridges Road residence in search of a wanted suspect.

According to Lt. Brandon Sellers, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Sean Patrick Cartey, 27,  was taken into custody after a nearly 90 minute standoff after officers surrounded Cartey’s residence on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

Officers were searching for Cartey after a Monday incident where a deputy observed two men on a four-wheeler driving on a paved road near the Broughton and Clack roads area. Sellers said the deputy activated his emergency lights in an attempt to stop the four-wheeler, but, he said, the machine accelerated for approximately one mile, reaching speeds over 70 mph before the deputy disengaged the chase. “We didn’t want to put anybody’s life in danger,” Sellers said.

However, the four wheeler and a passenger in the vehicle were found in a pecan grove near the intersection of Godfrey Road and Monticello Highway, Sellers said. The passenger allegedly told officers that Cartey had been driving the four wheeler and had fled.

Sellers said on Wednesday, authorities received information that Cartey was at the Double Bridges Road residence. At 4:30 p.m. a dozen officers and an armored vehicle surrounded the residence and reached Cartey on the phone. Initially Cartey denied via the phone that he was at the residence.

Sellers said officers were concerned because they had been warned that Cartey could be armed and “he had made threats that he was not going to go to jail.”

“We just don’t want to take a chance in a situation like that,” Sellers said.

Officers breached the front door and found a section of ceiling missing. They also found that an attic fold down door had been tied shut from the attic. Officers continued to search the house and found Cartey in a basement room. Sellers said officers estimate that Cartey climbed into the attic, tied the door shut behind him then fell through the ceiling. They then believe he slid down a laundry chute to the basement.

Carter was arrested without incident. Officers located a .22 rifle at the residence that has allegedly been reported stolen. They also found a four-wheeler that also has allegedly bee reported stolen. Cartey faces two counts of burglary, one count felony fleeing and numerous traffic charges, Sellers said.

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