More than $5 million in real estate sold for week

Staff Written News

Compiled by Dianne Yost

Oct. 22, 2019

•  Ann H. Kimsey, Trustee of the Ann H. Kimsey Living Trust . . . of Bishop to Aaron D. Middlebrooks of Social Circle,  Peppers Road, Bostwick, 6 acres, $65,500.

• Chandler J. Pike of Athens,  to Ralph Joseph Lancaster of Madison, 1020 Saye Creek Drive, Madison, $72,500.

Oct. 23, 2019

• Real Estate Perspectives, XIII, LLC of Atlanta to William Gerald Usry, Jr. of Madison, 018-020C, 20 acres, $225,000.

Oct.. 24, 2019

• Palestine Georgia, LLC of Atlanta to Mark Huffstetler of Kennesaw,  Double Bridges Road, 88.99 acres, Madison, $486,310.

• III Properties, LLC of Madison to Casey B. Bradshaw of Madison, 1300 Sandy Creek Road, Madison, $213,000.

• New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro,  to James D. Mitchell of Madison, 1610 Westminster Way, Madison, $362,000.

• Victor L. Riccardi and Beverly G. Riccardi of Marietta to Susan Barnes Lively of Buckhead,  1511 Morgan Drive, Buckhead, $670,000.

• Kent Smith of Madison,  to James M. Parker, Jr. of Rutledge, Spears Road, 5 acres, Madison $65,000.

• Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Madison to Robert Charles Collins of Madison, 1550 Westminster Way, 0.78 acre, Madison, $329,900.

• Weldon R. Crook of Madison to Neil Willard Horstman of Madison, 544 Village Road, Madison, $462,500.

Oct. 25, 2019

• BRD Development Company, LLC of Greensboro,  to New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro,  1420 Westminster Way lot and 1440 Westminster Way lot, Madison, $60,000.

• George T. Warren, II and Beverly G. Warren of Madison to Timothy R. Bowers of Madison, 699 East Avenue, Madison, $300,000.

• Krista Mason of Bostwick to Caroline Ingle St. John of Bostiwck, 1021 2nd Street, Bostwick, $218,000.

Oct. 28, 2019

• Estate of Vivian Phillips Gilbert of Madison to Mary Dennison O’Neill of Newborn,  2270 Bethany Road, Madison, $530,000.

• Karl Kristen Gloer of Madison to Ronald M. Erwin of Madison, 309 N. Second Street, Madison, $138,000.

Oct. 29, 2019

• Jason Vines of Canton,  to Richard Wilke of Rutledge, 6080 Dixie Highway, Madison, $410,000.

• Bennie V. Williams of Madison to New Generations Bible Church, Inc. of Madison, Greensboro Highway, 6.5 acres, Madison, $67,000.

• R&D Properties, GA, LLC of Monroe,  to Thomas E. Schie, Jr., aka Tommy Schie of Madison, 2930 Fears Road, Madison, $402,000.

Oct. 31, 2019

• Connie Bruce Zachary of Madison to Elic Colwell of Athens,  Trimble Bridge Road, Madison, $52,000.

• Christopher A. Jones of Madison to Kevin McGowan of Madison, 993 Saye Creek Drive, 0.5824 acre, Madison, $418,000.

Nov. 1, 2019

• Ricky Dorsey of Fayetteville,  to Mojo Development, Inc. of Atlanta, 1281 Turner Road, 2.05 acres, Madison, $75,000.

• David G. Newton of Griffin,  to Chilton Heath Wilson of Snellvile,  Godfrey Road, 6.585 acres, Madison, $69,142.

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