Amici’s Madison Introduces New System

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By Kurston Smith


Out with the old, in with the new. This is something Amici’s Italian Cafe in downtown Madison has achieved in great lengths this year. 

The local restaurant resides in a historic building but is equipped with the latest modern technologies. 

Their most recent upgrade includes installing a state of the art Kitchen Display System.

A Kitchen Display System, also known as a KDS, replacing the old-fashioned paper ticket printers that Amici’s has always used in the past. 

This latest upgrade helps staff efficiency as well as creates a “greener” system by cutting back on paper waste. 

Dan Harwell, Amici’s Coordinator, said that this new system will allow the kitchen to run at a greater proficiency. 

Being that it is tied in with their POS system, the KDS displays the orders taken by the staff as well as the time it may take to make that order. Then, it sends that same order to the KDS located in the kitchen for it to be made by the staff. 

The KDS helps the staff to determine how long it may take to cook something and when to start cooking it based on the customers’ order. “On a Friday night, there used to be rolls and rolls of paper printed from the ticket printer machine and now there is none of that,” said Mike Torino. This newest upgrade ultimately speeds things up in the kitchen so that Amici’s guests are getting their meals quicker.

Amici’s has also added online ordering for their customers to use versus the traditional call-in ordering. It’s easier for both staff and guests by creating an easier and more error-free ordering experience. Overall, Amici’s is excited about their new improvements and the way they service their guests.

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