Local Mike Akins becomes Governor appointee

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By Patrick Yost


A Morgan County man has been chosen to serve on a state board overseeing the booming film industry in Georgia.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced last Wednesday that Morgan County resident Mike Akins has been appointed to the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Commission.

Akins joins 17 other notable industry insiders and state politicians on the commission. 

According to a press release by the governor’s office, Akins earned a Master’s Degree in Science from Oklahoma State University.

Akins, who is currently a business agent with the International Alliance of Theatrical and State Employees (IATSE), said he was gratified to be selected for the state’s advisory board.

Akins has worked for the past 32 years in the film and entertainment industry and has watched as Georgia grew from bit players to the main lead in the entertainment industry. 

Currently, he said, Georgia ranks third for entertainment production in the country.

‘It’s been great to put Georgians back to work,” he said. “Back in the early days Georgia had a very small crew base for motion pictures. Now we are one of the largest unions, filing jobs for the entertainment industry. Now we compete with New York and Los Angeles.”

Akins currently administers union agreements with all studios working in Georgia. He has been a business agent for the IATSE since 1992. He is a Madison resident with four children, the announcement said.

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