Alchemical Divide at Cultural Center

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By Kurston Smith, Intern

The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center welcomed Corrina Sephora to close out her solo exhibition, Alchemical Divide on Nov. 9 

There was a reception held Friday and Saturday to bring the running exhibit to an end.

Sephora delivered an artist talk in which she spilled all the details behind the inspiration for the exhibit. 

Alchemical Divide spans over two bodies of work and has served as her latest project—one she has worked on for almost two years. 

“In this exhibition I merge universal and personal themes of loss and transformation for the individual and for the community. Inside of these two distinct bodies of work there are crossover concepts and images and ones that are specific,” explained Sephora.

She described that after the loss of her mother to a seven-year battle with bone marrow cancer, she became interested in cells, circles and the afterlife journey. Her two-part exhibition displays mixed media art in which she specializes in steel work. One piece of work in particular is named Somewhere Between the Deep Blue Sea and the Edge of the Universe. It showcases 68 steel and wood painted circles in which she says is inspired by the 68 years of life her mom lived. “I wanted to create work that has a doorway for the viewers to come into,” she explained. Sephora hopes that when others view her pieces, they are able to feel “in-touch” and welcomed since the Alchemical Divide exhibits her personal development and transformation since her mother’s passing. 

According to her bio, “Corrina Sephora began her life-long interest in metalworking at the age of five in her father’s workshop, where she was introduced to the art of boat building. In 1995, Corrina went on to receive her BFA in Sculpture and Metalsmithing from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she has since established her own studio, specializing in sculpture, furniture, and architectural works.

Corrina’s personal work often uses the imagery of boats and ships as  metaphors for life experiences, and as story-telling tools. The boat form is a vessel and magical symbol for transition, while the ocean represents mystery and power, and the ebb and flow of the past and present. In 2005, Corrina received her MFA in Sculpture from Georgia State University. She has taught on the college level, and presented at national and international blacksmithing workshops and conferences.  Her prestigious metalworking awards include ‘Best in Show’ from Annette Cone-Skelton of MOCA GA, Silver Award from Icarus International, Silver Sculpture Award from NOMMA, and a number of other awards. Corrina’s metalwork is on permanent display in Atlanta at the Martin Luther King National Historic Site, The Atlanta Botanical Gardens, King and Spaulding’s Contemporary Art Collection, Temple Sinai, and many private collections internationally.  She continues to exhibit in museums, galleries, and public art venues.”

Along with Corrina Sephora the exhibit features the art of Bryant, Hannah Joy, Gabe Madrid, and Richard Pepe. 

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