Seizure Cash Pays for New Pistols

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

Drug forfeitures and seizures are paying for the purchase of new pistols for deputies with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Howard, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office has purchased 44 new pistols that are all 9mm caliber Glock weapons. The $27,000 purchase, he said, is a “transition to modernize our weapon.” Currently, deputies carry two primary duty weapons, a .40 caliber Glock and a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver. Those weapons allow for 51 total shots but also utilize different ammunition. 

With the purchase, Howard said, department officers now have a total of 64 rounds of ammunition at their disposal and the integration of the same caliber will represent a $5,000 per year savings in ammunition.

“With the proper ammunition selection the 9mm caliber is ballistically better than the .40 caliber,” Howard said.

Also, he said, if a deputy “has a use of force incident they will not have to worry about getting the rounds confused.”

The weapons were purchased with funds derived from seizures. “We did it all with seized assets,” he said. “It did not cost the taxpayer a penny.”

Deputies have already begun training with the weapons and Howard said initial results are favorable.

“This weapon enhancement has dramatically increased our shooting efficiency.”

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