Man cited for killing neighbors cat with bow, arrow

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

A Rutledge man has been cited on a county ordinance that references animal cruelty after he allegedly shot and killed a neighbor’s cat with a bow and arrow.

According to Chief Deputy Keith Howard, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Caleb Eugene Sheridan, 20, Rutledge was cited by Morgan County after Ronald Keith Sailor filed a complaint with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports, Sailor stated on Nov. 20 that his partner Amanda Hawk told him she smelled something strange from under the house. Sailor said he had not seen his cat since Nov. 16 and feared that it was dead.

‘I finally got the nerve up and crawled under the house and found him,” he said.

Sailor told a Morgan County deputy that he found the Blue Russian cat dead under the house with an arrow that had entered the cat’s back and exited its abdomen.

Sailor said the cat, named “Halloweenie” had walked up to his residence more than a year ago on Halloween night when Sailor lived in Abbeville. “We were buddies,” he said. “All I had was him and all he had was me.”

Reports state that a deputy walked over to Sheridan’s residence and observed a bow case with an arrow sticking out of it that matched the arrow found in the deceased cat. No citation was issued at the time of the report, reports state, because the deputy could not determine if the cat was in Sailor’s or Sheridan’s yard. 

According to the report, Hawk texted Sheridan regarding the cat and Sheridan denied shooting the cat and said he had been out of town for work.

The charge, according to Morgan County Animal Control Officer Hope King, is a misdemeanor.

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