Following Sherman’s March to the Sea

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

An Akron, Ohio patent attorney has donned a Civil War era Union soldier uniform and is attempting to follow Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s army’s route during the 1864 March to the Sea.

On Monday, Ray Slatterly walked from Rutledge to Madison and was hoping to get to the Apalachee River before calling it quits for the night. Slatterly, who also participates in Civil War reenactments, said he is trying to follow the route that his Great-great grandfather John Slatterly walked as part of the 149th New York Infantry regiment. Slatterly said he was walking the march in pieces as time allowed, all while dressed as a Union soldier. 

Last Friday he left Stone Mountain and hopes to get as far as Milledgville before flying home.

So far, he says, he’s walked approximately 45 miles and has done so in kindness and curiosity. “The people I’ve met have really been outstanding,” he said.

“I had one person say, ‘Hey, I think Sherman left you behind. You must be the last one.’ “

Slatterly said he began imagining the journey “a couple of years ago.”

“I started thinking about what John did and wanted to see.”

He said he has walked past fields he believes were used as camping areas and examined an old mill that was Civil War era. His wife Julie provides daily support via an automobile. The couple had spent at least two nights in Madison while Slattery was finishing this leg of the journey.

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