Drive-by shooting causes damage to residents’ vehicles

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By Quinn Rafferty, Staff Writer

A drive-by shooting in Rutledge on Dec. 30 resulted in damage to two vehicles with no injuries. The shooting took place on Newborn Road around 11 p.m. Suspects in the shooting have not been identified. According to Lt. Brandon Sellers, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, investigators have collected and are observing surveillance camera footage from businesses near the shooting to attempt to identify the suspect or suspects.

Sellers said two women who owned the vehicles said there was no apparent dispute that occurred leading up to the shooting or any reason to believe that either would be a reasonable target.

 Damage to a grey Ford Fusion was minor, however, there were multiple bullet holes. A second grey Ford Fusion involved was struck in the engine compartment and has been rendered disabled. Both women, Sellers said, reported that they heard the gunshots, however, did not notice the damage to their vehicles until the next morning.

A bullet also pierced the roof, Sellers said.

According to Sellers, “Two shell casings were found on the road next to the homes and six to seven shots were fired.”  Sellers said authorities believe, based on the shell casings, that a .45 caliber pistol was used in the shooting.

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