More than $3 million in real estate sold to end 2019

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Dec. 18, 2019

• Karl Fossum of Forsyth,  to Tina Clay of Rutledge, 4541 Davis Academy Road, Rutledge, $320,000.

• New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro,  to Leslie J. Watkins of Madison, 1600 Westminster Way, Madison, $325,000.

• RBD Development Company, LLC of Greensboro,  to New Leaf Homes. LLC of Greensboro, 1430 Westminster Way and Buckhead Manor Phase 6-B lot 107, Madison $55,000.

• Rachel J. Bargo AKA Rachel J. Glover as Executor of the …* of Greensboro,  to MADH1 LLC of Covington, 1331 Atlanta Highway, Madison, $155,000.

Dec. 19, 2019

• R&D Properties GA, LLC of Monroe,  to William Abraham Britt of Rutledge, 3260 Davis Academy Road, Rutledge, $269,900.

• Crown Ridge Homes, LLC of Madison to Courtney Leigh Johnson of Madison, 1560 Westminster Way, Madison, $306,000.

Dec. 20, 2019

• Stanley Bryant Benkoski of Madison to RBC Homes, LLC of Madison, 1401 Morris Road, 3.09 acres, Madison, $30,000.

• Larry Garner of Madison,  to James Brian Martin of Madison, 674 East Avenue, Madison, $220,000.

• Estate of Terry Hoofner of Rutledge to David Samuel Finger of Newborn, 1511 Weaver Jones Road, Rutledge, $65,000.

Dec. 23, 2019

• New Leaf Homes, LLC of Greensboro,  to Rickey Kelvin Massey of Madison, 1660 Lancaster Lane, Madison, $392,167.

• RBD Homes, LLC of Madison to Abigail V. Benkoski of Buckhead, 1021 Perryman Street, Buckhead, $169,900.

• Phillip J. Morris of Madison to Maria Davis of Madison, 1235 Pinecrest Drive, Madison, $191,500.

• Kent Smith of Santa Fe, NM to Cathey Holdings, Inc. of Madison, Spears Road, 10 acres, Madison, $110,000.

Dec. 26, 2019

• Estate of Jack H. Jackson of Madison to David J. Rolader of Madison, 1030 Mallard Ridge Road, Madison, $50,000.

• Brofam Properties, LLC of Madison to Frances R. Lamar of Madison, 5551 Seven Island Road, 5 acres, Madison, $195,000.

• Seven Day Solutions, LLC of Covington,  to Marshall Dean Brandon of Rutledge, 1110 South Trace, Rutledge, $200,000.

• Coastal Resource Management, LLC of Tucker,  to Jeffrey P. Joseph of Tucker, 983 Green Meadows Drive, 0.023 acres, Madison, $5,000.

• Monica Lynn Gardner and Gregory Ryan Gardner of McCalla,  to Kimberly Austin of Madison, 1106 Creekwood Circle, Madison, $245,000.

• James Frank Baggett of Buckhead, . to Danielle Anne Baggett Hovis of Buckhead, 2071 Parks Mill Road, Buckhead, $220,000.

• Estate of Karen Lee Martin of Madison to Eric Strozier of Madison, 1671 Brownwood Road, Madison, $250,000.

Dec. 30, 2019

• Dietrich Lamar Roland, Sr. of Madison to Alaiya Marie Roland of Madison, 2105 Cedar Grove Road, 5.038 acres, Buckhead, $140,000.

• Robert P. Jarvis of Rutledge to Paul Collier, Jr. of Rutledge, 1060 Keencheefoonee Road, 3.037 acres, Rutledge, $205,000.

• Kaizen Consulting Group, LLC of Augusta,  to Steven Bauernfeind of Covington, 1050 Waterstone Drive, Buckhead, $36,000.

• Weathers Bros. Transfer Co. of , Inc. of Marietta,  to Deerfield Estates, LLC of Marietta, Davis Academy Road, Rutledge, $70,000.

Dec. 31, 2019

• Farmers and Merchants Bank of Conyers,  to Iron Horse Development, LLC of Monroe, 043 012K, $30,000.

• 354Poplar, LLC of Madison to Hope Louise Stark of Madison, 354 Poplar Street, Madison, $290,000.

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