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Madison Police Department

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On Jan. 18 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Micha Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that when she went to the residence to pick up her child, a man at the residence engaged her in an argument and struck her on top of the head with a thrown shoe and then punched her in the eye. The man alleged that the woman came into the residence and started an argument and struck him of the face. A woman at the residence said the two fighting was a “fairly common” occurrence. Both the man and woman had welts on their faces.

On Jan. 20 a recovered vehicle report was filed at Popeye’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to a stolen vehicle report at the location and found a 2019 Toyota Tacoma with no occupants. The vehicle had been reported stolen from Waynesboro.

On Jan. 9 Shaneque Michelle Bishop, 35, Madison was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, officers were called to a physical altercation on the front porch of a South Main Street residence. Reports state that residents in the house alleged that Bishop continued to come back to the house after being told to leave. Bishop said she had been threatened by a woman in the house via text message and alleged that the woman had struck her in the face. The woman in the residence said Bishop was upset because she was now dating Bishop’s ex and that after she answered the door Bishop allegedly struck her on the face, pinned her to the ground and choked her. An officer observed scratch marks on the woman. Bishop was giving a verbal criminal trespass warning and then arrested.

On Jan. 8 a deposit account fraud complaint was filed at Regions Bank, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee alleged that a man entered the bank and attempted to make a $900 withdrawal from another person’s account without authorization. Reports state that the suspect left the bank in a black mini-van.

On Jan. 10 a theft by extortion complaint was filed at a Jasper Street residence. According to reports, a woman said she was using an online computer repair company to fix some “bugs” she had in her computer. The woman said while doing so, she gave the company her Bank of America credit card information. The woman said a man from the company, via phone, told her he needed the information to credit her $175. The man said he then credited, by mistake, $4,000 and told the woman to go to Walmart and buy $4,000 of cash cards to refund the man and then, he said, he would unlock her computer. An officer was able to unlock the computer and remove  the software the man was using to control the woman’s computer. 

The man then called the complainant’s house but the officer answered the phone and the man became defensive, reports state, and hung up.  The officer learned that the man had fraudulently removed $4,000 from the woman’s Bank of America account, however.

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