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Madison Police Department

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On Jan. 30 Christopher Marlow Bonner, 23, Lithonia was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, speeding and driving while license suspended. According to reports, a vehicle Bonner was allegedly driving 113 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 20 was stopped for speeding. Consequent to the stop, an officer learned Bonner’s license had been suspended and, reports state, Bonner told the officer there was a small amount of suspected marijuana in the center console of the vehicle.

On Jan. 29 a theft by taking warrant was issued against Cynthia Denise Vessell, 60, Madison. According to reports, Vessell was accused by her supervisors at McDonalds, Eatonton Road, of attempted to leave the restaurant at closing with two trays of bacon. Reports state the bacon was valued at $50. Vessels allegedly told her supervisor that “everyone else takes food” and that she had taken food in the past. 

On Feb. 2 a cruelty to animal complaint was filed at Interstate 20, eastbound near mile marker 114. According to reports, an officer responded to a Georgia Department of Transportation employee’s report that a kennel cage had been found on the southern shoulder of the interstate in a dirt area. The cage was on its end, reports state, a a large, malnourished dog was found inside. The dog was unable to stand. The DOT employee agreed to take possession of the dog and take it to a veterinarian.

On Feb. 1 a forgery complaint was filed at Dollar General Store, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that a white male in his mid 40s entered the store and attempted to purchase a $100 gift card using a counterfeit $100 bill. Reports state that after the clerk told the man the bill was counterfeit, the man allegedly asked if the clerk was going to call police and then left.

On Jan. 23 a forgery complaint was filed at McDonald’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that a white female with blond hair attempted to purchase $3.46 worth of food with a counterfeit $20 bill. The employee said when the woman handed her the bill she knew it was fake and told the woman to move up to the second drive-window to get her change in order to stall for time so authorities could arrive. The employee said the woman left the drive-through line and headed toward Interstate 20. The bill was marked “prop.”

On Jan. 31 Markia Janea Talor Lewis, 22, Bastrop, Texas, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, crossing the guard line with contraband and possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, Lewis was a passenger in a vehicle stopped on Interstate 20 for allegedly driving 93 mph in a 70 mph zone. Reports state that consequent to the stop, an officer allegedly noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the car. An officer found a cigarette box on the back seat near Lewis that contained suspected marijuana. While being strip searched at the Morgan County Detention Center, a Morgan County Sheriff’s Office deputy alleged that they had found another cigarette box on Lewis’ person that contained suspected methamphetamine.

On Jan. 24 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at Family Dollar, Eatonton Highway.  According to reports, a woman said after she completed shopping she noticed someone had shattered the front passenger side window of her 2014 Jeep Patriot. The woman said she located a brick next to her vehicle that she believed was used to break the window.

On Jan. 27 Zubair Munir, 25, Brooklyn, NY was arrested and charged with speeding and possession of marijuana. Christal G. Williams, 29, Brooklyn, NY was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. According to reports, an officer allegedly detected Munir driving 116 mph on Interstate 20 in a 70 mph zone. Consequent to a traffic stop, an officer located suspected marijuana in a pant’s pocket of Williams and, later, found several bags of suspected marijuana in a black bag located in the vehicle.

On Jan. 18 an information report was filed at the Madison Police Department. According to reports, a woman said on Jan. 18 while attending a formal event on Bourbon Street, New Orleans, someone took her wallet. The wallet contained $300 cash, store gift cards, a driver’s license and a United Bank debit card. The card has been used, she said, on several occasions since the theft.

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