Student arrested with gun after MCHS–Monroe Area game

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

“They got a gun!”

Pandemonium erupted when those words echoed through the halls of Monroe Area High School after a Morgan County High School (MCHS) student allegedly flashed a gun during an away basketball game on January 28. 

According to police reports, Kierreon Farley allegedly flashed the firearm during a planned fight near the end of a basketball game between MCHS and Monroe Area. 

Lieutenant Harris, from the Monroe Police Department, was working security at the game when something strange occurred. With more than four minutes left in the last quarter, the entire gymnasium began to empty. Between 300 to 500 students, from both Morgan County High School and Monroe Area High School, starting running out of the gymnasium through the student cafe and toward the student parking lot. “Something was getting ready to jump off,” said Harris to another officer, Lt. Davis, standing beside him. As the officers waded through the sea of students racing out of the building, suddenly the tide turned. Hundreds of students did an about face running back into the building and screaming “They got a gun!”

Students reported that Farley and three other male students left the scene in an older Chevy Black Tahoe. Monroe officers uncovered from student witnesses that Farley was supposed to fight a student at Monroe Area when the game was over after the two exchanged heated text messages and word spread across both schools. 

Monroe Police officers tracked down the Tahoe, pulled it over and approached slowly with guns pointed, ordering each passenger out of the car one by one. Officers searched the Tahoe and found a Glock 22.40 under the rear seat of the vehicle. According to reports, the gun had been reported stolen from Wilkinson County. Farley, who driving the Tahoe, was arrested and charged with Theft By Receiving Stolen Property, Failure To Yield to an Emergency Vehicle, and Possession of a Firearm on School Property By An Unlicensed Person. Farley was transported to Walton County jail without incidence. 

Superintedent Dr. James Woodard said the incident is under review by the school system and that Farley is not on campus while school officials determine the best course of disciplinary action. 

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