Day time burglaries have ‘similarities’

Staff Written News

By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

Two day time burglaries that both occurred last Tuesday, Feb. 4 have authorities concerned that perpetrators might be same suspect.

Both burglaries, including one on Bethany Road where suspects rounded up homeowners dog and cat and locked them in a bedroom, happened during the day and both homes were ransacked.

According to Morgan County Sheirff’s Office reports, a Bethany Road, Buckhead couple reported coming home at approximately 5 p.m. and finding their residence in disarray, with cabinets open and “property was located all over the floor.”

The couple reported that all rooms in the house, including children’s bedrooms, had been ransacked. Jewelry, a pressure washer, electronics, a crossbow and other items were reported stolen. 

On noon on Feb. 4 a caretaker for a Dixie Highway residence reported to authorities that someone had entered the secured house and ransacked the residence. Reports state that the residence is currently vacant but is “full of furniture and household items including several antique items.”

At that residence, reports state, suspects shattered a front door glass and broke the antique door. Reports allege that the door, an oversized, customized door is valued at $5,000.

Reports state that suspects entered the residence and by-passed several latches on upstair rooms to enter the  rooms and rifle through the contents. 

The caretaker said the residence had recently held an estate sale and was preparing for another sale. 

Lt. Brandon Sellers, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, said investigators have identified a person wanted for questioning in the Bethany Road burglary. “We have a suspect in that burglary and are investigating the similarities in both incidents,” he said.

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