Bone, Breco Realty broker city land deal

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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

The largest land donation in Madison’s history would not have been possible without Jack Bone, owner of Breco Realty, say city officials. 

“It just would not have happened without Jack,” said Monica Callahan, director of city planning. “He deserves a ton of credit for this.”

Back in December 2019, the city announced a substantial land donation of 40 acres, worth over $400,000, from anonymous property owners. 

According to the City of Madison, Bone is the one who suggested the donation to the landowners and brokered the deal to make it happen. 

“Jack was instrumental in this land donation,” said Callahan. “He pointed out the benefits for the community and the property owners. This land donation is vital for the economic development of the city of Madison, which will benefit the entire community as a whole.”

According to Bone, he hopes oneway the city will use the property to create an “industrial park’ to further strengthen Madison’s economy. 

“I want to see this land used to bring industries into the city that will give the community more job opportunities and a broader tax base,” said Bone. “As a realtor, I could have made money off of this property if the owners sold it, but I suggested that they should donate it to the city for everyone’s benefit.”

The parcel is located off Bass Road in Madison, near 441 North and is currently zoned as Industrial. The only stipulation of the donation deal is that the city cannot sell the land for three years. 

Bone first brought the idea to city leaders, helped get the property annexed, and worked as the liaison between city officials and the property owners. 

“It took about a year to get this deal done,” said Bone. 

“I was so impressed that Jack thought of this, I took his idea to the city manager right away. We knew this was quite an opportunity,” said Callahan. 

Bone said the owners considered putting the land into a conservation easement originally, which would mean the property could never be developed. 

“The land never would have been used that way,” said Bone. “I thought the highest and best use for this particular piece of property  would be for the city to develop it into some kind of industrial park to create more jobs in the community.”

Bone is pleased that the land donation is complete and he was able to play a part in it. 

“Sometimes people think the worst of realtors, that we are just out to get money. But it’s not true. Myself and my company, we have the best interest of the community at heart. I have worked with the city on many good projects for the community and I am proud of the latest one.”

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