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On Feb. 23 Kristi L. Stinnett, 38, Waleska, Ga. was arrested and charged with theft by shoplifting, reckless conduct, driving while license suspended and parking in a fire lane. According to reports, officers responded to Ollies, Eatonton Road in regards to a woman allegedly shoplifting. When they arrived, reports state, they observed a vehicle parked in the fire lane near the front door of Ollie’s. Inside the vehicle was a small child but no one else. Two employees inside the store alleged that Stinnett approached the checkout aisle with “Free and Lovely” perfume  in her back pocket and “Degree” dry spray in her front pocket. She was questioned about the items, reports state, and agreed to pay for them. The employees also alleged that they also noticed that Stinnett had allegedly replaced the price tag on several items. When officers examined the vehicle, they observed several bags from Walmart in the trunk. However, reports state, the receipts did not match the items in the bags. A Walmart employee later examined the bags and determined that $177.49 worth of items had not been paid for. After officers determined that Stinnett’s license was suspended, she told them that her boyfriend had driven them to Ollie’s and had walked down to Little Ceaser’s to pick up two pizzas. Officer’s could not locate the boyfriend at Little Ceaser’s but he was not there. Stinnett called the boyfriend who allegedly told her he was “riding around” with friends. A second relative was then called and came to take custody of the child.

On Feb. 21 an information report was filed at Super 8 motel, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man alleged that his 76-year-old mother had fallen down the front steps. The man said later that his mother had broken her right wrist and had a laceration on her leg.

On Feb. 20 an information report was filed at a Hunter Street residence. According to reports, a man told officers that someone had damaged both his mailbox and trash can. Reports state that there is evidence a vehicle left the road and struck both items.

On Feb. 20 a kidnapping complaint was filed at an Interstate 20 location. According to reports, an officer responded to a “Be on the lookout” call for a tan Kia Optima travelling on Interstate 20 after a woman’s mother called Oconee County authorities and alleged that her daughter had been kidnapped and was being held against her will. Reports state that the officer observed the vehicle and made a “high-risk” stop on the vehicle at the McDonald’s parking lot. The vehicle contained two men and the woman’s daughter. Both men denied that the daughter was being kept against her will. The daughter was sequestered and also denied that she was being kept against her will and said she and her mother had a disagreement regarding her leaving with one of the men. The daughter said she ceased communicating with her mother after the disagreement. One man was arrested after authorities determined he had a suspended license and the second man was arrested on an outstanding felony parole warrant from North Carolina. The daughter was released from the scene with the vehicle.

On Feb. 17 a theft by taking complaint was filed at Walmart, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an employee of an amusement company alleged that someone had gained access to four “claw” machines at Walmart and had taken $215 from the machines. The man said he believes the perpetrator is picking the locks to the machines.

On Feb. 11 a simple assault and obstructing a law enforcement complaint was filed at Morgan Medical Center, Lion’s Club Road. According to reports, an officer was called to a Hancock Street residence after a woman reported that a man had left the residence under duress. An officer located the man near Wellington Park, West Washington Street and the man was allegedly pacing in the street. The officer was able to convince the man to get in the patrol car for transportation to Morgan Medical Center for counseling. Once at the hospital, however, the man allegedly attempted to leap from the vehicle when the officer opened the door and strike the officer. The man also allegedly charged a second patrol car after it arrived at the hospital, and went to the ground. Reports state that officers struggled with the man but eventually contained him and took him to the emergency room. Medical employees requested that the man supply a urine sample and the man agreed and hand cuffs were removed. The man then began, reports state, punching the air and swinging the urine sample container. An officer withdrew a baton and struck the man several times but the man allegedly continued to be combative. He was then tasered several times before he would stop fighting, reports state. The man was then sedated but when he would continue to become combative and try and fight emergency room staff. The man was eventually moved to a secure observation room for the safety of the employees.

On Feb. 15 an entering auto complaint was filed at a Carmichael Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she was visiting a sister someone entered her 2009 Honda and took a Ruger LCP 380 pistol. 

On Feb. 15 a burglary complaint was filed at 441 Pawn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, an officer responded to an alarm call at the business and observed the front door broken out and a metal grate pulled away. A store employee arrived and reported that a DEL-Ton DTI 15 assault rifle had been taken. Officers observed two males wearing dark-colored hoodies running from the building toward the Beacon Heights neighborhood.

On Feb. 13 a harassment complaint was filed at the Madison Police Department, North Main Street. According to reports, a woman said she received a call from a person claiming to be with Medicare. The caller requested and received the woman’s Medicare number. After the woman hung up the call, she believed the caller was fake. She then attempted to return the call and was told it was an invalid number.

On Feb. 10 an entering auto complaint was filed at Cracker Barrel, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man said someone broke into his truck as he was in a camper attached to the vehicle. The man said he observed a Ford truck pull up close to his truck. The truck left and the man noticed that the front window had been shattered and his wife’s purse was missing. While an officer was investigating the report, Putnam County authorities advised that three vehicles had been broken into at the Silver Moon restaurant on Highway 44 and that a credit card from one of those burglaries had been swiped at a Walmart. 

On Feb. 9 an entering auto complaint was filed at Holiday Inn, Ramada Lane. According to reports, a man reported that someone had broken the window of his truck and rifled through the passenger compartment. An officer noticed a second vehicle also appeared to have been broken intol. Video surveillance showed an SUV enter the parking lot at 1:18 a.m. and two men then exit the SUV and walk towards the complainant’s vehicle. Both men leave eight minutes later.

On Feb. 3 a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at Captain D’s, Eatonton Road. According to reports, the Madison Fire Department was called to the restaurant in regards to a vehicle leaking fuel. Reports state that when authorities arrived they observed that the vehicle’s gas tank had been intentionally damaged. An officer located a plastic jug and large screw driver underneath the vehicle.

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