Churches come together to ‘Renew’ youth

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By Quinn Rafferty

staff writer

Fusion Church in Madison is hosting the third annual Renew event put on by Morgan County Youth United. The event will run all weekend March 20-21 for middle school and high schooled aged students. 

Morgan County Youth United is an organization made up of individuals who are youth leaders at their churches throughout the county. Renew allows these leaders and the kids from their respective churches to come together and spend time worshipping, participating in mission projects and growing in fellowship. 

“It’s a dynamic, contemporary experience,” according to Margaret Ligon, a representative from MOCO Youth United. 

Throughout the weekend, guest speaker Greg Wells and spoken word artist Camilo Buchanan will be preaching the word of God into the youth of Morgan County. Both speakers are well respected in their field. Wells “is passionate about coming alongside pastors and student leaders in their ministries, challenging students in their walks of faith, cultivating Christian community, and helping churches see the importance of a healthy ministry culture.”

Buchanan says that he “is proof-positive God can use anybody” and began preaching in 2017 and was quickly recognized as a “dynamic, engaging, and transformational communicator of God’s Word.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of this upcoming event is the band. In previous years, bands have been featured to play at the Renew event. However, this year, the band is composed of Morgan County area young adults who share the love of worship. Sophie Barnes (vocalist) “took leadership in the whole thing” according to Russ Johnson.  “She reached out to some people she knew and eventually got these musicians together for this event,” says Johnson. Barnes is a partner at Fusion Church. Band members consist of Katie Shive (vocalist) who is a partner at Redeemer church, Logan Nathan (drummer), a partner at Fusion Church, David Compton (acoustic guitar and vocalist) who serves as a worship leader at First Baptist of Mansfield, Caleb Williams (acoustic guitar) from Fusion Church, Ryan Johnson (bass) who partners at Redeemer Church, Alex Waters (keyboardist) from Cornerstone Church in Athens, and  Nolan Brown (lead guitar) from Centennial Church. 

“Our vision and goal is to bring forth unity. There are no denominational lines—we’re all together in the body of Christ. We’re all in this for the same purpose. We’re called to be a community,” said Russ Johnson. 

The event is projected to host 150 students but is hoping for more. The two-day, weekend-long is only $35 or $55 the day of. For more details on how to get involved in this exciting weekend, call (678) 879-9738. 

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