Halloran, Huggins discuss latest books

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By Quinn Rafferty

staff writer

Local authors Jim Halloran and Stephen Huggins were invited to give presentations about their books at the Georgia Writers Museum recently. 

Halloran is the author of Baseball and America. His inspiration for writing the book comes from his love of baseball. 

“Baseball has been a part of America’s history for 150 years; it’s embedded in its toughest times and helped it heal when not much else would do. It’s also responsible for uniting people of all ages, races, and religions across the nation to support a favorite team,” according to Halloran.

“Baseball and America is a celebration of those times. A celebration of the nostalgia certain players and teams evoke for older fans, while also teaching a newer generation about the different hardships baseball and America have faced together,” said Halloran.

Baseball and America delves into the history of baseball and provides trivia surrounding the sport for all those that are interested and curious in America’s favorite pastime. 

“I wanted to write about my favorite hobby, in hopes that it would generate interest with the younger generation,” said Halloran. 

Halloran has been a Madison resident for 20 years with his wife Diane and their two sons.

On the other end of the spectrum, author and retired aerospace engineer, Stephen Huggins presented his book America’s Use of Terror to “open up the understanding of terrorism in America,” says Huggins.

“The book takes a further look at what the goals are behind the terrorists,” said Huggins.

Along with being an author, Huggins earned five university degrees, including a PhD in History. He’s taught history at the University of Georgia and Georgia Military College. He and his wife Linda have lived in Madison for just over 10 years and have two children together. 

Both Halloran and Huggins have new books in the works and will be coming out later this year. 

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