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By Ed and Martha Price

During the last few months, we have been fortunate to have traveled to Europe and Australia/New Zealand.  The European trip was in June and the Australia/New Zealand was in February – March.  We returned from “down under” as the USA and the world began to try and contain or understand the coronavirus.   Now with the concern about the coronavirus, it would be easy to decide that our travels are over for a spell.  Well let’s think about our past experience and then decide about future travels. 

Our return (March 13, 2020) was just as travel restrictions were being applied.  Our cruise ship had started applying additional sanitation practices the last few days of the cruise around New Zealand.  One of the main things they did was to stop all self-serve.  Any food you wanted was handed to you on a plate, even a cookie.  No viruses occurred and we made it home as scheduled with no interruptions during our travels. 

We were diligent about hand washing, using sanitizer, and wiping down our tray tables and seat areas on the plane during flights home.  When we entered another country, we were asked if we had been to China or other Asian countries. There were news reports of other cruise ships under quarantine, cruises being canceled, and flights canceled. Yes, this does make you think and ponder the “what ifs.” It is one thing to not make a planned trip and another thing to be interrupted and placed in a no travel position while in another location. The cancellation or change of plans prior to departure is easier to deal with or accept.  But interruption during your travels creates many decisions that often are out of your hands. So our attitude was to decide on things you can control and hope for the best.  Have plans that you would like to implement and then consult the decision makers for the best available solutions.  

Just like the current situation at home today, we are not going about “business as usual.”  But we plan and will survive with plans for tomorrow being a better day.  

The attached picture are from our Australia/New Zealand adventure.  We provide those to make a point about thinking about tomorrow’s travels and the sites that await your enjoyment.  Will we be traveling in the near future?  


We already have plans for a trip out west in June and an out of country trip in September.  Will we have to change our plans is an unknown at this time.  An enjoyable life must continue and one, especially at our age, should enjoy life to the best of one’s abilities. In fact, we believe there will be great opportunities to travel after a few months. 

So go enjoy life, expect a few obstacles, and make the best plans possible.

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