Fear, sure but there is also the opportunity for joy

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By Forest Pagett

To say that this past week has been crazy would be an understatement.  We live our lives in Madison enjoying what we all consider to be an incredible life in small town Georgia.  The coronavirus has been in the news for the past few months as we have watched from a distance hoping it would stay out of the U.S. and our “little world.”  

This all changed not in a matter of months but weeks as we saw the number of cases go from one to several hundred.  I have been blessed to be involved in a wonderful profession of dentistry for 28 years which combines both science and art.  We study the process of virus transmission and know how to provide universal precaution in our practice to provide a safe and clean environment for both us and our patients.  We love going to work every day and providing healthcare for our community.    

Caryn and I have also been blessed to be able to raise our five children in a wonderful community which values keeping families involved in worship, school, sports, civic opportunities, and simply learning to be a family.  Our kids have grown up with one another for most of their lives with lots of shared birthday parties, rec ball teams, sleep overs, and countless hours at Madison Drug.

This all changed this past week as the virus began to spread and our community shut down all the schools, churches, and sporting events to allow for “social distancing.”  That is now a common phrase that we have never used as a community.  

We also received word from the American Dental Association asking all dental office to shut down nationwide for three weeks to do our part.  To say that this changed our world would again be an understatement.  We had and still have more questions than we have answers- how would we provide dental care for our community, how would we provide for our families, what would the future hold, and how long would all of this last?

We are all learning a new way of life and must keep hope in tomorrow.  God has given us today so let’s make the most of it.  Although my kids ache to be with their friends, we have enjoyed some awesome family meals, great walks, competitive games, and special times of prayer and worship.  

It is okay to be concerned about tomorrow and have a little fear, but let us not forget to have some joy today.  Keep doing our part in checking on our neighbors, don’t get slack on social distancing, and focus on making this the best day every.  

God gives us love, hope, and joy- let’s pass it on!

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