Really, I miss my teammates more than anything

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By Ethan Stamps

The corona virus has impacted many people as we know. It has impacted sports, the way we live, and in my case, my senior year. Even though our school facilities are shut down during this break I can’t just sit back and not work on the game I love. I haven’t been doing much other than working on baseball. I have been going to my personal  trainer three times a week so that I can keep my body in shape. I have to be ready if the quarantine is lifted and I get another chance to wear a Morgan County uniform again. I have been hitting as much as possible in batting cages. 

I set goals for myself each season, but I have had one goal that I have been wanting to reach my entire life. The goal has been to break my dad’s high school homerun record. Crandall Stamps is my dad and he graduated from Morgan County in 1988. He set a career homerun record of 32 homeruns over his four years in high school. I have always known that this would be a lofty goal for me, but it is one that I have set my mind to breaking for as long as I can remember. Going into this season I had to hit 15 homeruns to break his record. I have hit 7 this season as of Friday night, March 13. During this season, I have worked to hit baseballs hard and get on base but in the back of my head I know what I want to do, beat the record. Even without this corona quarantine forced break, it would be a huge deal for me to break this long standing record, but if I get the chance to get back on Tracy Brown Field, I can promise that I will still try to reach this goal. 

Another goal I have for this season is to bat .500. At the close of the Monroe Area series, which was the last night we were able to play, my average sits at exactly .500 in region play. We have played Hart County and Monroe Area at this point in the season. We still have four more region opponents to complete all region games and I hope to get the opportunity to reach this goal that I set for myself. 

Right now all I can do is keep working to get better for my future. If that future is getting the chance to complete my senior baseball season or preparing myself to play at Lipscomb University; I have to be ready for whatever is next. 

This forced time off has come at a tough time for me. This is my senior season. I miss my teammates more than anything. I just want the chance to be able to get back on the field with these boys that I have been playing with since middle school. We haven’t gotten our chance to finish the season together in the traditional way. We haven’t had our Senior Night, when we get to walk across the field with our families. I miss the after game dinners with my teammates at Zaxby’s and talking trash with the boys in the parking lot every day after every practice. 

Even though this time off is tough, I know that I’m not alone. I have four other senior teammates that are in the exact same boat as me. We have been through a lot together on and off the fields, over the years. So whether we get the chance to play on Tracy Brown Field together again or not, we will get through this thing together.

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