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By Quinn Rafferty

staff writer

Madison native Katie Powers, 31, married Ben Tidwell, 28, on March 21 with her parents and judge Mike Bracewell in attendance. The couple hasbeen together just shy of a year and a half. They were engaged as of July 2019. 

Their love story began when the couple met on a dating app, Hinge. Though both were apprehensive about online dating, they had a feeling the other was special. They got together at Revival Decatur, an Atlanta restaurant with southern-styled food after Powers had mentioned the restaurant to Tidwell. Moments later, he sent her the reservation for later that weekend. 

“When Ben got there, he gave me the biggest hug and my first date nerves were immediately replaced with butterflies,” says Powers.

The two hit it off right away. “My first impression of Katie was that she was a beautiful, sweet, and calm girl,” says Tidwell. Six months later, the couple was engaged.

Tidwell and Powers were in Seaside, Florida during the week of fourth of July when he popped the question. 

“After dinner on our second night in Seaside, Ben suggested we go up to the private roof of our AirBnb. As I was obliviously looking out over our beautiful sunset ocean view, Ben was down on one knee behind me. It was such a perfect moment, just the two of us on the roof feeling like we were in our own little world, high above the hustle and bustle of reality down below us,” Powers recalls.

The couple knew they wanted a small, intimate wedding shared with their closest and dearest loved ones. The wedding was set for May 3 with a brunch reception in Terry and Andrea Byer’s backyard, whom Powers has known her whole life. 

As final wedding details were being finished, the COVID-19 outbreak was picking up steam. The couple made the heartbreaking decision to postpone their reception and honeymoon. 

“We understood for the safety of our loved ones, it was best to postpone,” says Powers.

“However, we didn’t want to wait until everything was back to normal to be husband and wife. Judge Bracewell, who was going to be our officiant in May, very kindly agreed to marry us in front of Heritage Hall with 24 hours notice,” says Powers.

Their wedding day wasn’t the one they dreamed of over the last eight months of engagement. However, Powers says she couldn’t imagine that moment any other way now. 

Powers walked down the sidewalk in her father’s arm while her mother threw birdseed from a safe six feet away. Powers recalls that she was happiest to have the love of her life standing right beside her, germs and all, vowing to be her partner for the rest of forever. 

“We had a wedding day more perfect than anything we had imagined,” says Powers.

After their ceremony, the newlyweds drove back to their home in Decatur and had pizza delivered which they ate off of the vintage china plates Powers had collected for the wedding. 

“We were also able to have a small cake delivered from a local bakery and added our cake topper to it. It was honestly a beautiful, sweet, and humbling experience to go back to the basics of what a wedding is supposed to be about,” says Powers.

The couple is enjoying their newlywed life and is excited to begin their lives together. They bought land in Madison last Spring and intend on building their house next year, which played a part in the decision to get married in Madison. Though they are uncertain when things will go back to “normal,” they are hopeful to reschedule their reception so they can share their new life with friends and family. 

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