Our Stories: God will heal our land

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By Angela Wilson

What’s it all about?  In the last couple of months, the world has been bombarded with the coronavirus (COVID-19).  The entire world is at its wits end.  We don’t know exactly what to do and are looking for answers everywhere.  

We’re glued to our televisions for daily updates and instructions.  When we all learned about corona, I don’t think we took it as seriously as we should.  Most people kept up their daily lives and routines.  Oh, it’s not that serious.  

We’ve got everything under control; until more cases started to appear in the U.S. and in citizens abroad.  People were sick and being diagnosed with the virus.  Some even died.  I would be terrified to find out that I could not come home from a vacation because of this kind of threat.  What would happen to me and all of the others trying to get home.  

This virus is not prejudiced in the victims it attacks. It can and has attacked babies, teenagers, every day regular citizens, the elderly, all races, politicians, business people and medical professionals.  

No one is immune or can run from it.  We have to adhere to the safety policies that are set in place, obey rules and regulations established by your towns, cities and counties, lock yourself down, quarantine, social distancing and pray to the Lord God almighty to heal our land from this horrible disease.  

It is also a good idea to engage in some constant Bible reading.  The Bible is full of scripture that deals with this issue.  If we submit ourselves and pray continuously for healing, God will heal our land.  You have to have faith and believe.  

He gives the doctors and researchers the knowledge and expertise to do what they do to help us.  We have got to do our part, too.  I know everyone has been to the grocery stores and everywhere else you need to but if you haven’t, you need to do that quickly before a mandatory lockdown. 

 I feel it coming, just don’t know when.  Stay safe, and this too, shall pass. . 

Angela Wilson is a 1980 graduate of Morgan County High School and 30- year retired employed of the Morgan County School System.

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