‘Shots fired’ leads to aggravated assault charge

Staff Written Law Enforcement

By Patrick Yost


A man who allegedly fired a single .380 pistol toward two men fighting near a residence on Burney Street has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Three men allegedly involved in the fight have all been charged with disorderly conduct.

According to Madison Police Department reports, Antwian Deon Williams, 26, Madison, was found in a vehicle near the fight scene after police had secured the area and were searching for a vehicle allegedly involved in the affray. Williams was charged with aggravated assault.

Reports state that officers arrived at the 500 block of Burney Street on Thursday, March 26, at 8 p.m. in response to “shots fired” call. At the scene reports state that approximately 25 people were congregated on the street. Several officers and deputies with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office arrived to separate the crowed and determine if someone had been shot.

At the scene, reports state, Stiara Kanee Mathis, 28, Madison told officers no one had been shot and that “there were people in his yard that need to be gone.”

Reports state that Quentin Darrell Hardge then allegedly began “cussing” at Mathis and then ran toward solomon Lamar Simons, 34, Madison; tackled Simmons and began pummeling him. Officers separated Hardge and Simmons and detained all three men.

Reports state that Hardge told officers that prior to officers arriving he and Simmons had engaged in a fight and during the fight Mathis rushed him, took him to the ground, kicked him in the head and then struck his head with a beer bottle. 

Hardge then alleged that Williams, who is a brother of Mathis, pointed a pistol at he and Mathis and fired the weapon in their direction.

Simmons and Mathis, reports state, allege that Hardge had approached both of them cursing and trying to initiate a fight.

Prior to an officer arriving, a silver vehicle was seen leaving the scene. At 10:21 p.m. officers received a call of a silver car speeding on Head Road and then parking behind a residence.  A Morgan County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the call and observed the vehicle parked with no occupants. After the silver vehicle parked a maroon vehicle was seen driving past the residence. The silver vehicle was checked and was disabled. It also had been reported stolen out of Clarke County.

While officers were waiting on a tow truck to remove the stolen vehicle, a maroon car drove by a second time. Officers stopped the vehicle and located Williams in the vehicle. Williams was then arrested.

Hardge, Mathis and Simmons all were charged with disorderly conduct.

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