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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On April 11, a nuisance dogs complaint was filed at a Greensboro Road residence. According to reports, a man stated that while he was in his yard, two gold-in-color dogs with black on their face surrounded him and a second man and were growling in an aggressive manner. The man said he is elderly and he fears for his and his wife’s safety. The man also said this was the third type incident in the past few weeks and that deputies had arrived at both prior incidents. The dogs’ owners had been located in the prior complaints but could not be located in this complaint. The incidents have been turned over to Morgan County Animal Control.

On April 10, an identify fraud complaint was filed at a Brownwood Road residence. According to reports, a man stated that someone had used his identity to open an account with Verizon wireless and purchase four white 64GB iPhone 11s, valued at $3,247.96. The complainant said on March 30, he received a letter from Verizon stating that he had not yet activated his account. The man said he discarded the letter but on April 8 he received a second letter that included an insurance protection packet. The complainant learned that the account had been opened on March 13 and the phones were shipped on the same day. 

On April 10, an abandoned vehicle report was filed near the intersection of Atlanta Highway and Wildflower Way. According to reports, a deputy responded to the call and observed a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee allegedly illegally parked in the turn lane of Atlanta Highway. The vehicle was towed.

On April 9, Charles Edward Stone, 41, Nicholson, was arrested and charged with reckless driving, DUI and open container. According to reports, deputies were called to U.S. 441 near Greensboro Highway in reference to an alleged reckless driver who was also drinking a beverage out of a can. Reports allege that a deputy observed Stone in a red Volkswagen almost make contact with another vehicle on the road and nearly wreck. The vehicle was stopped near East Avenue at 5 p.m. Consequent to the stop, deputies located two 15-pack cases of Milwaukee’s Best Ice beer in the back seat, a foam cooler on the rear floorboard and several open containers on the front passenger side floorboard. Reports state that Stone allegedly had a hard time standing after the stop and was swaying back and forth and had slurred speech. Reports state there were more than 12 open containers on the front passenger floorboard of the vehicle.

On April 9, a burglary complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway residence. According to reports, deputies and Criminal Investigations Division officers arrived at the residence and were told by the occupants that they had left at 8 a.m. and returned at 6:16 p.m. to find a side door window broken. Missing from the residence were two handguns; a Glock 9mm and a .357 Ruger. A neighbor told investigators that at 5:20 p.m. he observed a silver four-door sedan “speed out of their driveway” at 5:20 p.m.

On April 9, a vehicle fire report was filed at a Monticello Highway location south of Broughton Road. According to reports, deputies and emergency workers arrived at the location and observed a gray Toyota Camry with flames coming from under the hood. A woman driving the vehicle reported that the vehicle had lost power and she pulled the car to the side of the road. The woman said when she opened the door, she observed the flames and called 911. The fire was extinguished and the woman was driven to the Morgan County Public Safety Center.

On April 8, a lost wallet report was filed at a Beal Lane residence. According to reports, a man said he left the residence at 6:15 p.m. and left his wallet on the roof of his car. The man said at 9 p.m. he realized he didn’t have his wallet and began driving back to his residence and found the wallet off Apalachee Road. The man said his Flash Foods card and drivers license/learners permit was missing from the wallet.

On April 7, a burglary complaint was filed at a Godfrey Road residence. According to reports, a couple reported that a man who had been helping them feed animals reported that a glass window on the front door was broken. Investigators noticed that a bunch of stacked buckets stored near the door had fallen and tools had fallen out of the top bucket near the window. The complainant also showed deputies a bag that had contained three guns. The deputy, reports state, opened the bag and observed three guns. Reports state that deputies and investigators had a hard time navigating the residence because of items stacked and piled in the residence.

On April 8, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a West Dixie Highway, Rutledge, residence. According to reports, a woman said at 11:30 a.m. she heard a loud knocking on her door. The complainant said when she reached the door, she heard a crashing noise and observed a white male allegedly shatter the back window of her 2010 Dodge Charger with a baseball bat. The complainant said she watched the man walk to the main road with a baseball bat and leave in a white pickup truck with a trailer. A neighbor also said she heard the loud banging and then heard the glass shattering. 

On April 8, Tommy Le Martin Thomas, 22, Madison, was arrested and charged with simple battery. According to reports, a deputy arrived at the residence and a 78-year-old man with blood on his face and clothing alleged that Thomas had struck him in the face with his fist. The man refused medical treatment but, reports state, the deputy requested that the man sit on his porch while officers searched for Thomas. The deputy also requested EMS arrive to check on the man. As two deputies began walking the road, Thomas emerged from a tree line near Permian Street and onto Saffold Road. Deputies requested that Thomas stop and talk with them and he did, reports state. Thomas said he and the complainant were walking on Saffold Road and began to argue. Thomas alleged that the man acted as if he was going to hit him so he hit the man in the face. The deputy reportedly asked Thomas why he didn’t walk away, in part, because the complainant is “old, very feeble and… incapable of taking care of himself.” Thomas reportedly told the deputy that he had a right to defend himself. EMS observed and treated a busted nose and three open wounds on the man’s upper lip. After Thomas was arrested, he told deputies his earlier statement had been affected by his dyslexia and that he had, in fact, not struck the man but had “spoke the wrong words.”

On April 8, a dispute complaint was filed at a Sugar Creek Church Road, Buckhead location. According to reports, a woman alleged that while she was with her boyfriend outside a cabin on Apalachee River Road, the boyfriend’s mother came from behind the cabin and began pelting the complainant with sticks, striking her on the right arm. The complainant said the mother owned the property and “does not like” the complainant. The complainant said she and the boyfriend were attempting to repair a vehicle at the cabin site. A deputy spoke with the mother who said she, in fact, owned the cabin property and a second residence on Apalachee River Road. She said she wanted the woman criminally trespassed from all her property but wanted the son to be allowed on the property for as long as it took him to repair the vehicle so the couple could then leave.

On April 7, an entering automobile complaint was filed at a Carter Street, Bostwick, residence. According to reports, a woman reported that someone had taken $140 cash from her gray 2014 Jeep Compass the night before. The woman said she had left the money in the unlocked car overnight. A neighbor allegedly told the complainant that they had observed a black male wearing all black clothing walking down Ruark Street around 6 a.m. The woman said she made contact with the man and he denied taking anything from her vehicle. 

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