Nearly $6 million in real estate sold last week

Staff Written News

Compiled by Dianne Yost

staff writer

March 28, 2020

• Jeffrey V. McKenzie of Madison to Jacob L. Peters of Rutledge, 1041 Rawlings Drive, 2.15 acres, Rutledge, $273,500.

March 30, 2020

• Leon Peters of Madison to Erin A Connell of Madison, 931 Mapp Street, Madison, $165,000.

• Gina A. Bramble of Monroe. to Mack B. Bohlen, Jr. of Madison, 2830 Apalachee Road, 5.93 acres, Madison, $247,000.

March 31, 2020

• Franklin Kempton Mooney, Jr. of Brooklyn, NY to Carmen C. Ricks of Mansfield, Godfrey Road, 5.841 acres, Madison, $61,215. 

• Michael Ghioto of Madison to Wesley Sherrell of Social Circle, Shoals Creek Lane, Rutledge, $45,000.

April 1, 2020

• James Kenneth Howard and Richard Warren Howard, Co-executors …* of  Newborn to Austin Shackelford of Newborn, 3580 Broughton Road, 5 acres, Newborn, $242,000.

• Glen L. Bailey of Madison to Eric Ryan Hammond of Newborn, 3430 Little River Road, 16.67 acres, Newborn, $180,000.

• David George Goodchild Living Trust and Judith Murdoch Li …* of Madison to Tyler S. Nessmith of Madison, 3341 Eatonton Highway, Madison, $600,000.

• Ronald M. Erwin and Rhonda M. Erwin as to a ½ undivided …* of Madison to Alcovy Builders, Inc. of Loganville, 2361 A Sandy Creek Road, 107.71 acres, Madison, $114,000.

• Chad Cepuran of Madison to Joshua Lewis of Rutledge, 1071 Gregg Road, Rutledge, $505,000.

• Dene M. Huff of Madison to Melissa Lentine of Madison, 562 New Post Road, Madison, $390,000.

April 2, 2020

• Russell H. Lee of Watkinsville, Ga. to John D. Boone of Lilburn, 1061 Heidi Trail, 1.54 acres, Buckhead, $550,000.

• Pat Dial of Social Circle, Ga.. to Black Dawg Farm Properties, LLC of Clinton, SC, Enterprise Road, 17.26 acres, Madison, $175,000.

• PEF Properties LLC of Madison to Paul James Ellard of Madison, 2020 Sandy Creek Road, 12.06 acres, Madison,$525,000.

• Jan Camper of Estero, Fla. to Laura Bowden of Rutledge, 165 East Main Street, Rutledge, $179,000.

April 3, 2020

• Gregory T. Cavender of Social Circle, Ga. to Neil Young of Rutledge, 1410 Fairplay Road, Rutledge, $280,000.

• William E. Chambers of Toccoa, Ga. to Cody Ariola of Bishop, 1060 Rehoboth Road, 2 acres, Bishop, $95,000.

• Garrett Hurst Autry of Buckhead to James Fraunfelter of China, Mich., 1821 Apalachee Woods Trail, Buckhead, $65,000.

• Michele L. Sarti of Winterville, Ga. to James Kevin Trammell of Bishop, 1560 Riverwalk Road, Madison, $350,000.

• Danny Jay Waggoner of Eatonton. to Carlton D. Eaton of Madison, 2040 Pierce Dairy Road, 26.3237 acres, Madison, $540,000.

• SBP Investment Group LLC of Madison to Chad Davis Pledger of Buckhead, 1141 Saffold Road, 3.57 acres, Buckhead, $216,131.

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