Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On April 19, a dispute complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road, Bostwick, residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her cousin pulled a black and brown shot gun and pointed the weapon at her. The woman said she left her residence at 2 a.m. with her 3-year-old daughter and a male friend to go to the Waffle House to get something to eat. She said she returned at 6 a.m. and her cousin was “irrate” and allegedly pulled the gun on her. The complainant called a sister who came and got her. The cousin left in a green Ford Ranger. 

On April 19, a criminal damage to property complaint was filed at Georgia Outdoor News, Seven Islands Road. According to reports, a deputy reported that while on patrol he observed damage to a school bus parked behind the company’s main building. Damage included broken windows on the bus. The deputy also observed broken glass in a door to the building.

On April 17, a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Pierce Dairy Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone used her bank credit card to make a $1,100 charge at a Cumming, Ga. Best Buy store. The woman said she called the store and was told the charge was made online to purchase an Apple Mac Book Pro. The complainant said she has not given anybody permission to use her card.

On April 17, a criminal trespass and theft by taking complaint was filed at Buckhead Pit Stop, Seven Islands Road. According to reports, a deputy responded to a dispatch report of a man on Interstate 20 attempting to flag down motorists. The deputy did not locate a man on the interstate but did observed a man near a small fire at 1:30 p.m. A deputy approached the man and observe that the man was lying next to the fire and his pants were torn and filthy and he had burns on his leg. The deputy extinguished the fire. The man told the deputy that he had been drinking and that he had a vehicle parked behind the Pit Stop. No vehicle was located. The deputy called EMS and the man was transported to a hospital. A search for a wrecked vehicle was unsuccessful. 

On April 17,  a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Centennial Road, Buckhead residence. According to reports, a woman stated that while she was on Facebook searching for Pomeranian puppies for sale, she found a woman who alleged that she had three puppies for sale. The complainant said she sent the woman $720 for two puppies via a Zelle application sent to the woman’s mother. The woman with the puppies, the next day, then told the complainant that she needed another $400 to register the puppies. The complainant sent another $400 and was told that that woman could pick up the puppies on Friday, April 17 at a Macon address. The woman went to the address and texted the woman to tell her she had arrived. An elderly man came out of the residence and asked the complainant if she needed help. The complainant told the elderly man that she was there to pick up the puppies. The man said he had no knowledge of puppies, the woman allegedly selling the puppies or the woman’s mother. The complainant texted the woman selling the puppies but received no response. While on her way home, however, she received a text from a man who alleged he was a doctor who worked at a hospital in Tampa, Fla. The doctor said the woman with the puppies had been in a car wreck and he was trying to reach a family member. The doctor would not state the name of the hospital but did, however. supply pictures of an accident scene and pictures of people lying in a hospital bed. The complainant has had no further contact with the woman.

On April 16, an entering automobile and theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road, Rutledge, residence. According to reports, a woman said she woke and heard a loud banging noise outside. The woman said she went to the door and observed a man she knows ransacking her 2014 Dodge Charger. She said she yelled at the man and he fled by jumping into a black Dodge Avenger. The complainant said a Sprint Apple IPad and a pink Diamondback 9mm pistol were taken. The woman said she believes the suspect was searching for money she keeps in a brown paper sack. She told investigators that she had no bank account since she has recently been hospitalized.

On April 15, an arrest warrant for obstructing or hindering a 911 call and criminal trespass were issued for Heath Alan Johnson, 40, Madison.  According to reports, Johnson allegedly entered a Heidi Trail residence and cursed and threatened a woman. The woman said she retreated with her children to the children’s bedroom and locked the door. Johnson allegedly drove his fist through the door. The woman attempted to call 911 but the call was disconnected. A deputy observed that phone lines outside the residence appeared to have been cut. Johnson was not at the residence when a deputy arrived.

On April 16, Brandon Antonio Stewart, 21, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, drug related objects, possession of marijuana, giving a false name and two outstanding warrants. Amy Stewart, 39, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine. According to reports, deputies were called to a Shepherd Road residence that was supposed to be vacant because the person who had been renting the property was deceased. Reports state that the sheriff’s office has had numerous complaints regarding staying  at the house and playing loud music. When deputies and investigators entered the house they observed Brandon Stewart and recognized him as a fugitive sought by the state probation office. Brandon Stewart allegedly told deputies that his name was “R.J.” Deputies reported observing a bag of suspected methamphetamine, two straws, two pipes and a small Tupperware bowl with a baggie on a bed. The bed also, reports state, had rolling papers  and there was a bag of suspected marijuana in a trash can.

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