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By Tia Lynn Ivey

managing editor 

Over a dozen pastors and 35 volunteers joined forces last weekend to give away groceries to needy family in Morgan County. The Morgan County Ministers Union gathered in Madison’s Town Park last Saturday, distributing 100 boxes full of groceries in less than 45 minutes. 

Reverend Robert Terrell, pastor of Union Springs Baptist Church in Rutledge, suggested the idea to help meet a critical need he and his pastor colleagues saw in the community. 

“This turned into a tremendous community effort,” said Terrell. “We saw the need. Ou community has a big need for this with the COVID-19 situation. But the blessing was the collective effort with the pastors that came together. There were black pastors and white pastors, retired pastors and active pastors. Volunteers came out to help and it was such a success we are going to do it again.”

The next grocery giveaway will be on Saturday, May 2 at Madison’s Town Park from 11 a.m. to noon. 

“When we started we had enough money for just one week. But once word got out and more and more people wanted to get involved and donate, we can do it every week for awhile,” said Terrell. 

According to Terrell, people lined up early to receive the box of donated groceries. This week, the Ministers Union hopes to distribute even more food to needy families. And just like last week, it will be first come, first serve. 

Madison Mayor Fred Perriman, one of the pastors involved, was pleased with how Saturday’s giveaway turned out. 

“It was a huge success, it really was,” said Perriman. “There is a need for this in our community and we were grateful we were able to do what we did.”

Some of the pastors involved in Saturday’s event included: Terrell, Perriman, Reverend Alfred Murray,  Reverend W.J. Reid, Reverend Lonnie Brown,  Pastor Bobby Patman, Pastor Derrick Worrell, Pastor Corey Thompson, and Pastor Kevin Burroughs.  

“We had on our masks and gloves. It was just overwhelming. Everyone was just rejoicing and glad to be helping in some way,” said Perriman. 

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