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On April 27 a financial transaction card fraud complaint was filed at a Price Mill Road, Bishop residence. According to reports, a man alleged that he had both his local bank and a national credit card company contact him and tell him that someone was using his accounts to make fraudulent charges. The complainant said he believed a woman had taken photos of the cards and used them to open accounts. Someone, reports state, had opened an AT&T accounts in the complainant’s deceased wife’s name. In total, $1,900 had been charged to both cards. He said the suspect had recently been coming to his house to “hang out and eat dinner.” The complainant believes that while he was asleep the woman came into his bedroom and took photos of the cards. While at a convenience store a clerk asked the man if he had seen the suspect and after the man said no the clerk alleged that the store was seeking the woman regarding bad checks.

On April 26, a terroristic threats and acts and harassing phone calls complaint was filed at a Centennial Road, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that her ex-husband had been “continuously texting her harassing messages.” On April 12, a deputy responded to the residence because the ex-husband allegedly was coming to pick up the children for Easter but it was not his turn, according to court documents, to have the children. On that occasion, the woman alleged, the ex-husband threatened to beat her current husband “with a baseball bat.” The complainant said on April 16 while she was in the Rockdale Medical Center the ex-husband sent her a text alleging that she was lying regarding having a baby and demanded to see pictures of the delivery for verification. The complainant is going to seek a renewal on a temporary protection order that had expired. She alleged that the ex-husband said he was not concerned with law enforcement or going to jail.

On April 26 an animal complaint was filed at a Rehoboth Road, Bishop residence. According to reports,  a man alleged that his neighbor’s dog got out of a fenced area and bit his dog through the fence. Reports state that the incident was captured on video. When the deputy arrived the complainant’s dog was still bleeding slightly. The neighbor texted the complainant after speaking with a deputy that they would get rid of the dog because of the numerous complaints against its behavior.

On April 26, an information report was filed at a Bethany Road residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to an assist request from EMS workers. regarding a man at the residence that had called stating he needed EMS. The deputy reported that the 68-year-old man appeared to be “very intoxicated” and he noted that this incident was “one of many times. He had responded to the man’s residence after the man called requesting EMS services. The man was checked by EMS but refused transport to the hospital.

On April 24, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Gresham Road, Good Hope residence. According to reports, a man reported that someone had cut a lock off a gate chain and entered the property and removed a Yamaha Grizzly 660 ATV and a John Deere Lawn Mower with a 42 inch cut. A deputy reported seeing tire tracks leading to a barn on the property that housed the equipment.

On April 22, a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fairplay Road residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone took a red 22” Murray push mower valued at $150 and 16 40”x48” wood pallets valued at $160. The woman said the suspects left a grey 22” Murray push mower and a set of Fiskar lopping shears. The deputy retained the grey mower and lopping shears and gave the woman a receipt and told her, reports state, that she could have the items if they had not been reported stolen or needed to be placed in evidence.

On April 22, an information report was filed at a Weaver Jones Road residence. According to reports, a woman reported that at 7:45 p.m. she heard a loud “boom” that shook her house. The woman said she was outside on the porch when she heard the noise. The complainant’s husband suggested the noise sounded “like tannerite being set off.” The woman said she last heard the noise around the Super Bowl. A neighbor stopped by, she said, and said the noise shook their house as well. The deputy waited for one hour to see if there was a second explosion but heard nothing.

On April 21, an information report was filed at a Nunnally Street, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to a Georgia Adult Protective Services complaint regarding a woman allegedly financially abusing an elderly couple. When the deputy arrived the couple’s son told the deputy that the woman and her husband had moved away. The son said he had put a hold on all the elderly couple’s accounts to stop suspicious spending. The son said the couple’s utilities had been, in the past, cut off for lack of payment and that he had cleaned the house, got the utilities squared away and was making sure there was food in the house and that his parents were taking their medication properly. The son said that the couple did not want to press charges against the woman because they are related. 

On April 21 an information report was filed at a Second Street, Bishop residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that while packing to move out of a house her boyfriend took her prescribed medications in an attempt to get her to stay at the house. She said he later gave her the medications back. The medications are Adderal and Keppra, reports state.

On April 21, a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Cajun Lane, Rutledge residence. According to reports, a woman said she was researching online an Apple help phone number to find and app for her daughter’s phone. She said she called the number and a man named “Michael” asked for access her phone via the internet. The woman gave him access. The man then asked for the woman’s Cash app verification codes and she gave it to him. She later learned that two charges for $498 were pending against her local bank account and was told by a bank representative that nothing could be done because the charges were pending. She was also told that since she had given the man the verification codes it was that same as giving him permission to remove the $996 from her account. The charges eventually went through and, the woman said, she is disputing the charges. The phone number for “Michael” no longer functions.

On April 21, an information report was filed at a Westminster Way residence. According to reports, a deputy responded to a man at the residence that had an active temporary protective order against him. The deputy located the man sitting in a vehicle outside the residence and informed him that he could not enter the premises to retrieve any belongings and to do so would have to have the temporary protective order modified by Morgan County Superior Court.

On April 20, Dmarku R. Bankston, 26, Cartersivlle, was arrested and charged with speeding and possession of marijuana, less than an ounce. According to reports, Bankston  was stopped on Interstate 20 for allegedly speeding. Consequent to the stop, a deputy allegedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Bankston gave the deputy a glass jar with suspected marijuana. The deputy, during a search, found further suspected marijuana, a grinder and glass pipe in a wooden box in a backpack in the vehicle.

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